Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recognizing Miracles & Less Stress!

I absolutely loved this email!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about miracles! I have met some missionaries who have absolutely incredible stories where they changed their life after a near death experience or felt they were called, literally God talked to them, to come on a mission. For me, I just felt I had to come because I love God so much. When I focus on the little things I am lacking, I miss all the things I have been given as well. Like Jerusalem or EFY. Mama mia... I am SOOOOOOO blessed to have experienced both, especially EFY. I definitely would not be able to do this without that experience. Verimente. :)
This week has felt a little longer than other weeks but it was so beautiful. I have felt that we have been working hard but have not seen very much from our efforts but I learned that work doesn't always produce fruits. We need to do EARNEST work with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength. We had the training sisters, Sorella Forbes and Sorella Padula, come and blitz us last week. It was exactly what both Sorella Lemos and I needed. Sorella Padula is from Argentina as well so she and Sorella Lemos went a little crazy together. :) We all loved it so much (by we, I mean the rest of the Sorelle who all come from the United States). Really, the people from Argentina are so special - they have immense love for others and just work with force. This is something I really need because I tend to sit back and observe a little bit before I act. (I can imagine what you are thinking mama... it is something I have realized I need to work on to be a better missionary.) bahahaha comunque, we saw soooo many miracles that day because we went out and worked with earnestness. Because of that, we have two new simpatizanti from the family we found the first day I did casa casa. For me, I learned how to work with less stress. I never realized how uptight I can be when things do not go perfectly as planned. It bothers me when it doesn't go well for the people around me, especially the Lord and my companion. Sorella Forbes taught me that as we give all to the Lord, through prayer, we can just go to work. (Alma 31). Amen. :)
Sunday we had a beautiful miracle that I will always remember. We have a simpatizanti that has so much faith and a love for the Savior Jesus Christ but she has a huge confusion about baptism. I believe I told you about her in one of my miracle stories - M. Sunday we had a lesson with our Ward Mission Leader and extended a baptismal date for the 15th of June. She told us she was not sure and felt very confused. We told her to pray, then and there, to know if this church was true, that Joseph Smith was a Prophet, and that she should get baptized. So she did and started to cry. The spirit flooded into the room with a warm and loving feeling of confirmation. She finished and said "I felt the spirit! He told me that this church is true. I will be baptized on the 15th of June." Sorella Lemos and I began crying with JOY for her. :) It was an incredible experience!! 
Little Miracle: Soooooo... we had Zone Conference on Lunedi with Presidente. We received a lecture about taking care of our cell phones. Guess what? I lost the phone yesterday. Bahahahahahah it was actually a funny experience because I just thought "yep... of course I would. Especially the day after a lecture" Well, we had about 3 lessons that we needed to go to before the end of the night to try to find our phone. By the time we arrived to our last lesson, we were a little worried about finding it. A member came to the last lesson with Mariana and told us she was trying to call us (this was probably the 3rd person to tell us that) and ended up talking to a man who found it!! YAY!! So she arranged to meet him and pick it up. Luckily we had a picture of Sorella Lemos and me as the wallpaper so he could easily recognize us. It was such a tender mercy. :) Also, the Anziani were freaking out a little bit - they thought we were kidnapped and called everyone to try to find us. 
I love you soooooo much!!!! Thank you for your love and your support. :) Please remember I pray for you every day. :)
Vi voglio bene!!!
Sorella Jameson
The Genova Sorelle in matching dresses.

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