Wednesday, June 5, 2013

God is Divine!

Sooooooo this week we have seen sooooo many wonderful miracles. It is hard to believe but we are already on week 5 of my 2nd transfer here in Italy and I have been training. I feel 100% different that how I was 6 weeks ago but in a good way. The thing is, I know the Lord has blessed me with an incredible companion that I was meant to be with and to work with here in Genova. Sorella Lemos is incredible!! At times it is difficult to understand each other 100% due to language and cultural differences but we both share the same purpose and the same desire. We love each other soooo much and have a lot of fun insieme. :) This week my companion is taking the role of Senior companion for the whole week and it is great! I do not have the stress I have been feeling but another kind of stress. I worry about Sorella Lemos because I want her to do well and have confidence. She is doing an amazing job!

Last Thursday I went on a scambi with Sorella Huepel (the other sorella in our apartment) - she was half trained by Sorella Gomez and is incredible. We saw so many incredible miracles together that came from the fruits of the hard work of the Sorelle in Genova 2. We taught 5 lessons, 2 in the presence, and found 4 (almost 6) new simpatizzanti together. It was a wonderful day that was so productive and yet not stressful. Sorella Huepel and I talked about how we feel stressed training but discovered a beautiful balance working with one another. I absolutely love Sorella Huepel! She is a beautiful example of humility and hard work in a fun and supportive personality. I want to learn how to work hard with patience and humility like Sorella Huepel. :) 

One of the most beautiful miracles happened while we were waiting at a bus stop to go home in the evening after our last appointment. We both had high spirits because our lesson went well but we were tired and ready to report our day to the Lord. While we were waiting at the bus stop, a woman walked by, smiling at us. I smiled back and offered her a "Buona sera!" She stopped and asked if I was American (a very common question that I receive). After confirming her question, I asked how she knew I was American. She said it was in our faces, a light that illuminated our eyes and smile. This of course is not only in Americans but in all people - it is the light of Christ. We began talking and she said she visited the Temple in Utah one time and loves our church. Before I could ask if she wanted to hear more about our beliefs, she asked for our number. We informed her that we will be having a baptism coming up soon and she wants to come and even bring a friend. It was a wonderful encounter that lifted our spirits and gave us strength. :)

Another incredible miracle: we had two simpatizzanti that wanted to come to stake conference with us but both of them ended up being sick. M was actually in the hospital! Sorella Lemos and I woke up at 5:30 to pick up one of these simpatizzanti before we found out she could not go. A little disheartened (and very tired), we headed back to the train station to wait for our train. While we were waiting for the train, another simpatizzanti called us to say that she and her daughter were coming!! We bought her a ticket (the conference was in Alessandria) but they came too late to the board the train. Poor Sorella Lemos was so sad because they barely missed the train. So our Elder's Quorum President made a few quick calls and we had some members come pick up J and her daughter. The conference was beautiful and they loved coming. We have been working very slowly with J and her family but this has helped them move forward a little bit. It really was an incredible blessing that they could come.

I loved what you said about how the Lord knows who we are individually. This is something I have been explaining a lot to those I meet throughout the day. I even learned how to say that in Spanish because we are teaching several Spanish speakers. :) I love it! God is Divine. He has all power, all wisdom, and all glory. But he is also a loving heavenly father who cares for us and wants what is best for us. All we have to do is pray and speak to him. Like a conversation to our father. 

I love you!!! Thank you for your support and your love. 


Sorella Jameson

When Codi was in Jerusalem, we begged her to send us pictures. We got very few. I have been visiting other blogs and have actually seen more pictures of Codi on other Sorelle blogs than what she is sending us. This week I put "subliminal" messages throughout her letter asking for more pics. She obliged! I got 4!! I have no idea where these were taken, but at least I got more pics!!

This is Codi's response to the subliminal messages:

"MAMA!!!!! I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOOOOOOOOOOOVED this email from you!! It was especially hilarious to read all the little (please send more pics) hehehehehe But hey! At least you get pictures every week right? Bahahahah :) I am planning on sending you my SD card in the mail this week so hopefully your dreams will soon be met. :)" 

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