Thursday, June 27, 2013

God is good. ALWAYS!!

Update for this week!!!
We are working hard to visit all our simpatizzanti and meni attivi which results in tired bodies by the end of the night. It is incredible how fast the weeks go by when we put everything we can into the work and just go, go, go. By the end of night, I barely have energy to plan for the next day, let alone shower and write in my journal. (I have a goal to write in my journal everyday this transfer because it happened about 4 times last transfer. I made the mistake of sharing this goal with Sorella Lemos... she chastises me when I don't do this. But then again, she made the mistake of asking me to be her coach in the morning. hehehehe) My love for these people just grows more and more every day. I LOVE ITALY!!! Another thing we have noticed is that the people we work with want to feed us more and more often. It is a beautiful blessing to share time and pranzare o di mangiare cena insiema but it has also resulted in an extra kilo to Sorella Jameson. But I cannot complain because I have eaten some amazing foods while sharing the gospel together. :)
This week we had so many miracles working with our members! The one that touched me the most happened yesterday "by accident" if you will. We had planned our day but two appointments fell through so we had a hole of time that needed to be filled. I felt we needed to give J a call (our amazing simpatizzanti) and we planned to visit in about 30 minutes. We ended up letting a couple different buses pass us because I thought we needed to take a specific autobus to the Pricipe train station (all the others that passed went to the Brignole Train station). On our way to her house, we ran into on our members, Sorella Herrera on the autobus. We have wanted to bring Sorella Herrara to a lesson with us but have never been able to schedule a time that works out because she works during the time of most of our lessons. When we ran into her, we explained where we were going and she offered to come with us. WHAT?! Ummmm yes you can! So Sorella Herrera came with us to visit J. When we started the lesson, J expressed a deep concern for a relative with health challenges. She was filled with so much grief and cried to us. Sorella Herrera then began talking; explaining how wondrous the Lord works because she was not planning on coming but ended up with us at the lesson. She then continued to explain how she too has had an experience with her own son who suffered from health issues as well. It was through this experience that Sorella Herrera found the church 2 years ago. The spirit was so strong and touched everyone there. Really... not much more can be said but that God is good. ALWAYS. It was through His guidance that all of this happened. We had not planned to visit this simpatizzanti, we waited to get on a specific autobus and ran into the member that we had wanted to come with us. She shared a testimony and strength in the exact moment and time that it was needed. What did I learn from this story? Follow the Spirit.
I want to share a little tidbit about my companion: Sorella Lemos is absolutely incredible! It is amazing how we have learned to work together and love each other every day. She shares her love and patience with me all the time, especially when I need to hear it the most. The other day we were saying our nightly prayer together right before bed (a tradition that Sorella Lemos brought from home) and my companion started to cry after we finished. She expressed her love for me and for the work here in Genova that we have together. "Everything is perfect right now and I do not want anything to change." My heart was so full of love and happiness for and from my companion. I love Sorella Lemos!!
Vi voglio bene!!! Continue to read, no to STUDY the Book of Mormon every day!!! It is the word of God and the proof that God is a God of miracles. That he loves us and that he has called prophets once again on the Earth today. :) Thank you for your love and support. You are all in my prayers!!
Sorella Jameson :)

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