Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am in ITALY!! WOW! Italy!! It was different than what I expected but then again, I had a warped perception from Hollywood films. It reminds me a LOT of Turkey and Jerusalem - more of Turkey. The people here are beautiful and dark. They have dark, olive colored skin and beautiful dark hair and eyes. There are times I feel like I stand out but that mostly stems from my bright colored clothes. Everyone here wears black! This is very similar to Turkey. I just keep thinking that going to Jerusalem was the PERFECT MTC for me to come to Italy of all places. The oldness and beauty here is very similar in Jerusalem. What a blessing!!  

So the first day that we arrived, I found out that both of my big suitcases were GONE! Well, as I learned from Sorella Stephens, I decided to laugh. It was absolutely hilarious really. So I headed to Milan with only my carry on and high spirits. We met our President and his wonderful wife at the airport - I LOVE them!!! I feel so safe and secure with them and know they just love us and care for us. After eating our first Italian pizza (which was literally the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life!) we split into Anziani and Sorelle. What did we do? We took the metro into the city and practiced contacting. Okay... contacting right after flying 24 hours was crazy!! We were so jet lagged and wearing day old clothes. Not only that but it was raining and cold and we didn't have any tights. HILARIOUS!!! We got so many weird looks by people. In fact, one girl gave me a whole body glance up and down with a look of disgust. I just laughed. After some strained training (strained to stay awake) we had dinner at a beautiful restaurant with pizza and lasagna. Some of us were literally falling into our plates because we were so tired. :) OH! Everyone missing their luggage (there were about 12 of us) got it all back except for one suitcase. MINE. Bahahahahah! It was my big one with all my clothes. The blessing was that I got the other one back which had my scarf from Jeru and my mission call so I felt blessed. Have no fear though. I got back my other one the next morning but I was prepared to buy a whole new wardrobe in Italy. Painful, I know. 

The next day, we got our assignments. I was SO nervous!! I didn't want to leave Sorella Stephens and I wasn't prepared to go and work like a real missionary! They announced where a missionary would go by having the trainer describe the location and then say the name. As soon as my trainer stood up, I knew I would be going with her. She started to explain Genova and I felt this panic go through me. What am I doing!? But then she said my name. I stood up and felt this rush of happiness, love, and excitement (very similar to when I opened my call). GENOVA!! I half ran to Sorella Gomez, my new companion and trainer, and hugged her. She told me that she loved me and just hugged me back. I definitely felt this love and a great connection with her. Sorella Wolfgramm stopped us after our picture and told us how blessed we were to work together and how great this will be. So far, she has been 100% correct.  I LOVE Sorella Gomez.

After lunch and goodbyes, we headed to the train station and headed towards Genova on a 2 hour ride. The whole time, we (aka S. Gomez) talked about the gospel Our apartment is BEAUTIFUL!!! It helps that I lived in a dump before and that I now live in Italy. After depositing our things, we left immediately to go to an appointment. It's funny... I thought I knew a little bit of Italian before I left. Now I feel so shell shocked that I cannot really speak or understand. Well that is how it was the first 2 or 3 days. Now I feel like I am understanding more and more! Sorella Gomez is so kind and patient with me too. She has me teach sections of lessons but then just fills in what I miss. Or she will translate for me before or after if I get confused. Speaking another language is weird! There are moments when I don't realize it's different but then there are other moments when I feel so lost. Thankfully I had Jeru for practice. (Church was the most overwhelming so far because SO many people just talk for 3 hours only in Italian and they talk to you but you don't understand. I almost cried.)

On Friday we had several cancelled appointments and ended up doing casa e casa. After  we walked down an entire apartment building, we felt we needed to go to a different one across the street. About 3 or 4 floors into this apartment building, we met a family that let us come in!! It was such a blessing!! On Monday, we came back to teach again to the mother of the family. The Spirit was so strong. We have another appointment with her tonight! It is such a blessing because this is the first casa Sorella Gomez has been able to enter in Genova. Amazing huh!? We have seen so many miracles and blessings just with the last few days. Sorella Gomez and I are really excited to work together this transfer and have a lot of faith for the success and blessings that will come to the people of Italy. We have a lot of great goals and love! I am soooo excited!

On Domenica, I was asked to stand up and bear my testimony. (actually there were 4 of who were going to talk because there were 4 new missionaries in the ward - 6 total!  2 of them are zone leaders opening a new area) At this point, I felt very overwhelmed with everything but I had just taken time to ponder our Savior during the Sacrament. So by the time I stood to speak, I felt confident and strong. I just felt so much love for the people of the ward and for the Lord. Even though I feel weak with my language abilities, I know I can do anything with the Help of the LORD (1 Nephi 17)

La Mia Collega:  Sorella Gomez has been so wonderful to me! I feel very blessed to have her as my trainer and my companion for my first transfer here in Italy. One thing that has really helped me a lot are the kind words Sorella Gomez is always willing to share. She gives me boosting compliments many times throughout the day which helps me feel confident and comfortable. I feel I can do a lot with her help and with the help of the Lord. 

God loves us so much! Dio ci ama! Sempre. Till Next week!

Sorella Codi Jameson :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 5

On Sabato, we had a lesson with Fllo Carrington - who was playing the part of a 50 year old investigator. I was trying to relate the Plan of Salvation to him (in Italian mind you) by comparing him with HF and how HF wanted us to come to earth to be better, just like how parents want their children to leave the home to grow. In Italian, the word for "better" is meglio. I couldn't remember the word when I was trying to explain how by leaving, we become better. So I said something like "Lei vuole suoi figli diventare ... moglie?" I turned to Sorella Stephen's to ask if this was correct and Fllo C. looked at us with a really weird expression. Basically, I had said "You want your children to become... wife?" So I tried explaining "Bene... moglie" - gestering with my hands to show progress of going from good to better. Instead, I was saying "good ... wife" Finally, Fllo C. asked if I meant meglio. S. Stephens immediately started to CRACK up!!! She literally lost it. Laugh attack. Then Fllo C. lost it. He tried to remain composed but couldn't. I kept trying to bear my testimony about how we want to become better but I continued to say "wife" over and over again. I think it took about 10 minutes to finally get that point across. It was hilarious.

On Domenica, I had the opportunity to say a prayer at the devotional. Sorella Stephens and I sat on the front stand with two other Elders - Anziani Gemmel and McArthur. (A. Gemmel is from New Zealand). Before the start, the speaker asked if we could help out during the devotional to which we said yes. Well we watched a video and he came over and asked if we could comment on it. Immediately, I said CRAP and A. Gemmel said "CRAP! I wasn't even listening! I was falling asleep!"  So he stood up and and said "well I wasn't listening..." Anyway, we made our comments and as always, S. Stephens made the entire congregation of missionaries CRACK up. She said that the missionaries invited... "What did they do?" said the speaker. "They inviiiiiited!!!" Her voice escalated 3 octives. I love it.

OKAY I am 20 minutes over my time limit!!! I just don't know when I will write again - well... it will be IN ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!! So I was feeling REALLY scared about leaving to Italy. I cannot speak Italian. I am going to be in a different country. I was scared. Then, my incredible companion shared a wonderful scripture with me. It is Helaman 10:4. Basically, it explains how we should not have fear because we are doing the Lord's work FOR the Lord. This is not for me. It is for the LORD. He will not let me down. He will be helping me through all of this if I allow him to. I am now so excited to go to Italy for the People. For the Lord.

I love being a missionary! I love this Gospel with my whole heart and soul. EVERYONE deserves the Atonement - it is INFINITE!!! I love you all!!


Sorella Codi Layne Jameson

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week 4

JAROM IS GOING ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo sooooo SOOOOOOOO excited and proud of him!!!!!!! Last Friday I was getting a salad from the Wrap bar for lunch when the girl who was serving me said "Jarom Levi Jameson got his mission call." I was a little shocked that she was talking to me and that she said "Jarom" After asking her "What?" in a shocked voice, she said again "Jarom got his mission call last night."
"Jarom?! He got it last night?! Did he open it?!"
"Yeah!" after looking down at her name tag, I discovered it was Emma Simpson.
"Okay.... I don't want you to tell me! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!!!" She laughed and agreed it was best for me to not hear.
I didn't want to eat. When my DL came back with the mail I demanded for a dear elder. He only handed me a package slip - which was from my family. Ironically, I didn't want a package. I only wanted a dear elder to find out where he went. Finally I got it at dinner. My DL waited to hand it to me until after I had eaten for a little bit so I wouldn't stare. So kind and yet so cruel.... I ripped it out of his hands and opened it right there - even though we weren't supposed to. My eyes went immediately to Fukuoka Japan. WHAT!!!!!!!!!! JAPAN!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! My heart was sad for a split second that it wasn't Italy but I was soooo overcome with joy I cried and laughed and told everyone I met. I am soooo proud of you buddy!! Just a few days ago I met some elders going to Japan. I literally screamed. One even covered his ears and backed away from me. They are soooo great! I told them all about Jarom and told them we were going to be friends. I plan on finding them tonight and talking to them. :)

Something that has been really on my mind lately is just how important family is for our life. Heavenly Father gave us families to BLESS us and make us happy. Funny how sometimes we do not appreciate that as much growing up. We think our family is annoying or we wish to have another. Then when we get older, we realize just how much our family means to us.  I couldn't have asked for better parents. One thing that I have come to know is how much the temple blesses families and how family oriented it is. There is a Mormon message on this (aka you should watch it).

Hermana Crystal Myler is also in the MTC with me which is just fun! I rarely see her because our schedules are completely different but she brings me so much joy when I see her.