Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 5

On Sabato, we had a lesson with Fllo Carrington - who was playing the part of a 50 year old investigator. I was trying to relate the Plan of Salvation to him (in Italian mind you) by comparing him with HF and how HF wanted us to come to earth to be better, just like how parents want their children to leave the home to grow. In Italian, the word for "better" is meglio. I couldn't remember the word when I was trying to explain how by leaving, we become better. So I said something like "Lei vuole suoi figli diventare ... moglie?" I turned to Sorella Stephen's to ask if this was correct and Fllo C. looked at us with a really weird expression. Basically, I had said "You want your children to become... wife?" So I tried explaining "Bene... moglie" - gestering with my hands to show progress of going from good to better. Instead, I was saying "good ... wife" Finally, Fllo C. asked if I meant meglio. S. Stephens immediately started to CRACK up!!! She literally lost it. Laugh attack. Then Fllo C. lost it. He tried to remain composed but couldn't. I kept trying to bear my testimony about how we want to become better but I continued to say "wife" over and over again. I think it took about 10 minutes to finally get that point across. It was hilarious.

On Domenica, I had the opportunity to say a prayer at the devotional. Sorella Stephens and I sat on the front stand with two other Elders - Anziani Gemmel and McArthur. (A. Gemmel is from New Zealand). Before the start, the speaker asked if we could help out during the devotional to which we said yes. Well we watched a video and he came over and asked if we could comment on it. Immediately, I said CRAP and A. Gemmel said "CRAP! I wasn't even listening! I was falling asleep!"  So he stood up and and said "well I wasn't listening..." Anyway, we made our comments and as always, S. Stephens made the entire congregation of missionaries CRACK up. She said that the missionaries invited... "What did they do?" said the speaker. "They inviiiiiited!!!" Her voice escalated 3 octives. I love it.

OKAY I am 20 minutes over my time limit!!! I just don't know when I will write again - well... it will be IN ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!! So I was feeling REALLY scared about leaving to Italy. I cannot speak Italian. I am going to be in a different country. I was scared. Then, my incredible companion shared a wonderful scripture with me. It is Helaman 10:4. Basically, it explains how we should not have fear because we are doing the Lord's work FOR the Lord. This is not for me. It is for the LORD. He will not let me down. He will be helping me through all of this if I allow him to. I am now so excited to go to Italy for the People. For the Lord.

I love being a missionary! I love this Gospel with my whole heart and soul. EVERYONE deserves the Atonement - it is INFINITE!!! I love you all!!


Sorella Codi Layne Jameson

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