Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blitz and Miracles!

Sorelle in my apartment:
I am with Sorella Heupel and Sorella Pace who are opening the Genova 2 area for Sorelle right now so they are doing a lot of hard work. Everyday they are doing finding work and very few lessons. That is hard on missionaries. Sorella Heupel is my age, from LA, and studies at BYU-I. Mama mia... I love her sooooooo much!!! She is beautiful and just has a very fun and laid back personality so we laugh a lot together as we try to train our sweet little babies. Sorella Pace is from Idaho falls and is 19 - her father and brother served here in Italy also. She is always eating food which is absolutely hilarious because she is the skinniest and tallest one in our apartment. Of course she can.... :) The best part is that Sorella Pace and Sorella Lemos are total opposites in almost every way but we all get along so well because we have the united purpose as missionaries. :) 

Update for the craziness of my life: 
Alorra... this last has been sooooo crazy! We were in Genova for 2 days because the other days were out in other cities. As I told you, we went to Reggio Emilia Thursday night to Friday night for a Blitz with Sorella Stephens and her companion. Oh it was absolutely wonderful to see Sorella Stephens!!! I missed her so much! Reggio Emilia is a beautiful little city that is made up of a huge population from Africa. I taught my first full lesson in English to a recent convert called Kwaku. He has such a sweet spirit and an amazing testimony in the Book of Mormon. Even though it was great to teach in my own language, I missed teaching in Italian. Sorella Lemos taught in English too with Sorella Stephens!!! I am so proud of her - her ability to speak English improves everyday!! We had a beautiful lunch in a park in Parma on Friday - home of Parmesan cheese. My obsession for food is only magnified here in Italy. It is a problem. We took a 4 hour train ride back to Genova with a stop in Milano. I am not sure how but both Sorella Lemos and I fell asleep (okay I saw her fall asleep and thought "oh I will say a prayer and wake her up so we can plan") well one hour later I randomly woke up. I looked around and saw we were in Milano, the exact train station we needed to be in. Sorella Lemos and I ran out of the train half asleep to our next train. It was a little miracle that we woke up or else we would have gone who knows where. :) 

This miracle happened during our giant blitz to Savona on Saturday. I was working with Sorella Lopez with the assignment to visit a meno attivo. We walked in the rain (which was pouring) for about 45 minutes to an empty house. We decided to leave a note for them to invite them to church and to the stake conference in June. After another 45 minute walk back towards the church, we decided to stop by another meno attivo who ended up not being home. The report time to return to the church was 6:30 and we had about 15 minutes until then. At this point we were literally soakes - every part of us was covered with water. Instead of returning early, we decided to do one palaza for casa casa. 3 doors in, we met a Christian man from India who said he would come to church the next day. Sorella Lopez called me Sunday night to report that both the meno attivo couple and the Indian man came to church the next day!! We were wet and tired but saw beautiful miracles!!!

Also, remember my investigator J? The one we found my first full day here doing casa casa? She came to church on Sunday! It was beautiful! :) Right now, I am killing my poor, sweet companion. She has the flu and terrible head aches everyday.... but we are so happy together. We are having Sorella Forbes and another Sorella come and blitz us on Friday and we are so excited for that!

Oh!! I received a package from a bunch of the wonderful people from Jerusalem!!!!!! It absolutely made my entire week! I loved everyone's notes and the candy. Can you please send my appreciation on the Jeru fb page?

I love you so much!! Thank you so much for all of your support and love. Please remember that I pray for you every day. :)


Sorella Jameson

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