Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rely on the Lord!


It is so weird - I just talked to you on Sunday!!! That was a wonderful and yet strange experience for me. It made me realize how much my mission has become a part of my life! It is like I live, eat, and breathe the missionary life. But I absolutely LOVED seeing everyone! After I hung up I thought - DANGIT! I wanted to say so much more and particularly say goodbye to Jarom. It hit me that that was the last I would see him in 2 years.
1st: I love my mission so much!! I know I said it was hard but it is the BEST thing I have ever done and will ever do - save having a family. There is nothing in the WHOLE world that I would rather be doing. I am soooo happy doing it. 
2nd: I love you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!! Being away from you is probably one of the hardest things for me. My friends, freedom, and other silly things do not really matter to me. But I have learned to love and appreciate you even more. Thank you!!!

Sorella Lemos and I had the most amazing experience teaching a lesson on Thursday. Comunque, it was amazing. We have been teaching this woman from Romania, si chiama M. She is about 39 years old with 7 children. Woah. But she is soooooo spunky! Sorella Gomez and I found her on the way home at a bus stop - Sorella Gomez felt drawn to talk to her so we did (this was definitely guidance from the Spirit). It was incredible. M has so much faith and she knows who she is - as a daughter of a Heavenly Father. She comes to church and all of our appointments faithfully and loves to talk and learn of Jesus. Oh and she LOVES the Book of Mormon! Perfect right? The hard part is trying to explain the importance of baptism to her because she has been baptized 2 times before. So this lesson we had on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While I was explaining baptism and the importance to be baptized by the authority of God, she expressed her fear of baptism another time. She totally opened up to us and expressed her deepest fears- she is so confused because she thought she had done the right thing being baptized but she didn't want to offend God with yet another baptism. My companion bore the most beautiful testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel. We invited M to pray, then and there on our knees, to feel comfort, direction, and peace. It was a powerful and beautiful prayer that left all of us in tears. She finished and cried saying "I felt the presence of God" - which we all did through the Holy Ghost. God loves all of us and hears each and every single one of our prayers.

After that experience, I thought to myself "I never want this to end! I want to serve the Lord for the rest of my life." To see the joy come into someone's life is the most wonderful sense of gratification ever. Also, being a trainer is the most incredible experience ever! I learn sooooo much from my companion and we just work together. At times it is hard and stressful, especially when I feel like everything that I am doing is WRONG (this happened the following days after my experience with M - life as a missionary = high highs followed closely with low lows) One thing that it has taught me is to rely on the Lord with EVRYTHING. I am not perfect and I know I will make mistakes (but you know me... I try my hardest to be perfect and get frustrated that I am only human) Sorella Lemos and I just LAUGH and have soooo much fun together though. She has been such a blessing, especially with the language.
Okay, I will stop rambling. :) Some exciting news - I get to see Sorella Stephens on FRIDAY!!!! AHHHHH I am sooooo excited!!!! And I got to see Sorella Gomez yesterday for a little bit of time. I love my companions. :)
I love you!!!
Sorella Jameson

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