Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Speaking Italian & Feeling Blessed!

I have a new, new, NEW companion. Si chiama Sorella Lemos. She comes from Argentina and speaks Italian, Spanish, French, and... some English. :) This means we speak about 90% of the time in Italian. Remember how scared I was to train because of how terrible I was at Italian? I prayed for the gift of tongues and well... I got it. :) She is AMAZING!! Full of energy and excitement and we have SOOOOO much fun together. She is only 19 and had only 1 week in the MTC before she came here so we have a lot to learn together. Right now, we are learning from each other a LOT. I am teaching her about missionary life and English, and she is teaching me Italian. It is a huge win win situation. Really, I feel sooooo blessed. Oh and I LOVE being a missionary and especially a trainer!!! Just as you said Mama, the Lord has really led me to be prepared for this right now. I know I could not have been more prepared without my EFY experience and without my study abroad to Jerusalem. Right now, I feel totally different. It is weird to think I was and still am a "new missionary". I feel totally confident to pick up the phone and call people, talk to people on the streets, organize our schedules, so on and so forth. It is all because of Heavenly Father. He has given me courage and strength but I needed the faith to receive these blesses. Sono benedetto!

This week we have seen soooo many blessings!! One of them occurred yesterday with one of our investigators and also with a member. I asked a member to come to a lesson with a woman we have been teaching off and on the past month. Her work schedule is a little crazy so we can only teach her when she has time. The member who came is the mother of a recently returned missionary - she bore a powerful testimony of how the gospel changed her life. It was exactly what our simpatizanti needed to hear. Dopo the lesson, the member thanked us for the opportunity to come. She felt loved feeling the spirit and see it change the lives of others. We have another appointment on Friday with both of them again!!! If you have a chance to go to lessons with the missionaries, DO IT!!! 

Right now we are working with the sisters of a recent convert and they are incredible! Yesterday we had a lesson with them in their house - we were the FIRST missionaries to go into their home. We do not have a baptismal date yet because their mother isn't ready for it but she let us come into their home!! We have faith for more miracles with these girls in the future!! 
I LOVE YOU!!! God is an awesome God. He is good... ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!

Sorella Jameson
My new companion, Sorella Lemos
What I bought with my birthday money!

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