Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Wedding and a Trainer!

Soooooo this past week has also been super crazy (as always - I swear there is never a normal mission day!) The biggest thing that has happened is that we went to a wedding and we got our transfer calls. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!! The couple getting married are a little older (like 52 and 48) and they wanted us to be at the wedding the ENTIRE time to represent the church. They also asked us to sing a song at the ceremony. In Italy, you have to be married first by law before you can go to the temple to be sealed, so we had the ceremony in the chapel at the church in Genova 2 (I am in Genova 1 with a church in an apartment building) We sang the children's song :Where Love Is: Mama mia... it was beautiful!! They were so grateful for us and for the spirit we brought to the wedding. We wanted to sing this song because it talks about the love of God. Where Love is, there God is also.


  1. Where love is, there God is also.
    Where love is, we want to be.
    Guide us, his truths to follow
    Help us obey him faithfully
  2. Where love is, there God is also.
    We think of him rev'rently.
    Teach us to pray, to talk with him above
    And know that he will guide us with his love.
  3. The comfort of loving arms around us,
    A song that makes us want to sing,
    The happiness we feel when love has found us,
    'Tis love we get when love we bring.
  4. Where love is, there God is also.
    And with him we want to be.
    Show us the way and guide us tenderly
    That we may dwell with him eternally.

After the ceremony we went to a luncheon where we talked to many people and ate a 5 course meal. Yep... 5 course. Don't worry, I took pictures. :) They are now married for eternity! Their temple sealing was in the temple yesterday in Switzerland.

The entire time we were all waiting for the transfer calls. If we get a call on Monday, this is normally a big transfer done by the presidente or the assistente. If we dont get a call Lunedi, we get a call Martedi by our Zone Leaders telling us we are staying the same. All the missionaries were together for the wedding so we were all on the alert. Right before the 4th course, our phone rang. Presidente was calling. We ran outside to answer the phone call. Sorella Gomez began by asking what she could do to help and just kept saying :Okay: Then I heard her say :Verona?! Okay: My heart was pounding this entire time, especially when I knew she was leaving me. She grabbed me and hugged me as I began to comprehend that she would leave and I would be getting a new companion. This was hard to imagine. I love her sooooo much and we had so many big plans for this next transfer.  Sorella Gomez has been transfered to Verona to be a traveling sister. She is going to be with Sorella Bush, her dream companion (I am sooooo excited and happy for her!) Then she handed the phone over to me. Here is the conversation...
Me:Ciao President!
Pres: Ciao Sorella Jameson! Come sta?
Me: I am doing just great! How are you?
Pres: I am doing great! Thank you! Sorella Jameson, as you heard, Sorella Gomez is going to be leaving to Verona. 
Me: Uh-huh... *gulp*
Pres: You began your 12 week training with Sorella Gomez but she will be leaving you next transfer. So I am going to ask you to begin the 12 week program again this next transfer okay?
Me: Okay (here I am thinking - sweet! I get to be trained again!)
Pres: I want you to train this transfer a new sister that will be arriving this week and begin the 12 week training program with her. 
Me: ........ oh uhhhhhh ummmm okay. *gulp* 
At this point Sorella Gomez came over to me and just held me while I tried to recover from the shock of the new assignment. I knew it was a possibility - I heard that we might have to train at 6 weeks, definitely at 12 but I didn't think it was going to happen to me. I can barely speak the language and get lost sooooo easily (you know what I am talking about!) Presidente explained that he knew I was ready for this and so did the Lord. By the time I said goodbye, I was crying. My body was experiencing sooooo many different emotions. Sorella Gomez was leaving, I was training, I was scared, sad, a little excited. Mostly, I was scared. My zone leaders came out and immediately began sharing their excitement for me and told me they would be here for me 100%. The funniest thing is that almost everyone saw what was happening at the wedding because there were big glass windows. The members understood, especially the RM's. 

Adesso, I feel peaceful and a little excited. It is going to hard but I know I can do it with the help of the Lord. Please pray for me. I will need it. Tomorrow I will be getting a new companion fresh from the USA and it will be an adventure. I just want to love her a lot and serve her. Recently, I have read a lot about believing in God and Jesus Christ (2 ne 25 and Mormon 9) We have a God of Miracle. This is exactly what I need. :)
I love you!!! Thank you for your support!!
Vi voglio bene!!!
Sorella Jameson

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