Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One week shy of a full transfer!

I have been here for almost a full Transfer! Well, I am on week 5 out of 6 but that is CRAZY. We find out about transfers next week which is really scaring me. I really don't want Sorella Gomez to be taken away from me. We have been praying to have our desires aligned with God's so we will be ready and fine with whatever will happen. But we both secretly want to stay here (and by secretly, I mean we talk about it all the time.) Comunque - O is baptized!! AHHH!!!!! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! He is shining with the spirit now. We had a chance to sing a song at his baptism too which was incredible. The Anziani were so kind and helpful with everything that they wanted to sing too. Oh my goodness... words cannot describe how wonderful it was - I have never been so happy in my entire life. When he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, my heart felt as if it were about to burst with joy. I loved it! 

For a funny story - Sorella Gomez and I were asked to fill up the baptismal font on Sunday for a little boy's baptism. We had a lunch appointment with a less active family prior to make some cibo americano. We decided to make some Shepherd's pie and brownies (the Italians LOVE brownies) Mama mia... it was a mess. The oven wasn't working. (So the Fratello literally pulled the oven out of the wall to fix it) They had an ENTIRE chicken for us to work with. By the time we could eat, we only had 5 minutes. So we gobbled it down (oh and they LOVED the food) and took off for the church to fill up the font. We decided to take a different bus than usual and run the rest of the way. Alas... it began to pour rain when we got out of the bus. After running for a while, we discovered that the bus could have taken us to an even closer stop bahahahahah we were SOAKED. So we finally made it to the church and began filling the font. It takes 2 hours to fill and we be started at 3:30 for a 5 o'clock baptism. Well... we went to check it 30 minutes later and discovered we didn't put the plug in......... So we had only an hour to fill it up. Luckily the family doing the baptisms were on the shorter side so all was well. It was absolutely hilarious though. :)

For a MIRACLE Story -  Our biggest miracle was mentioned in my last letter to you - one of our investigators was baptized on Saturday! It was absolutely beautiful! He is so happy and just glows with the Spirit now. I love the Gospel! The miracle I really want to share with you happened right after the baptism. One of our new converts brought her two younger sisters to the baptism and we had a chance to teach them a quick lesson afterwards. We felt we needed to teach God is Our Loving Heavenly Father. This is exactly what these girls needed to hear. One of them immediately began to cry when we told her about God's LOVE for her and how special she was to Him. They are now our two newest investigators and are so wonderful. Not only will the Gospel bring them happiness, but it will help strengthen their sister as a new convert.

Oh there is so much more I would love to tell you but have run out of time. Don't worry... I am writing it down in my journal to share later or in letters.
TAKE CARE!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Jameson

PS: Pictures include one with O and his brother and Sorella Forbes, Lopez, Gomez, and I at Cinque Terra TODAY. :) Hence why I am e-mailing so late.

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