Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Genoa ~ Conference and Calluses

On Thursday we had a Zone Conference and a Questora appointment for Sorella Gomez. We couldn't do both because they were at the same time but wanted to try. So that morning, we woke up at 5:30, got on a bus at 6:30 and were at the Questora at 7. They let us in at 8, saw us at 8:15 and sent us to finish up at 8:30. YAY for all the blessing!! The second part, however, was a tad stressful. We waited for 20 minutes for the woman to come and finish the fingerprinting etc. By the time she came, it was 8:50 and our train was leaving at 9:02 and it was a 15 minute walk away. We finished at about 8:53 and RAN!! I don't think I ran so fast in my LIFE! But we made it!! Fun little story. :)

Later that night, we were trying to find members to attend a lesson with us but they all helping a family move. A thought popped into my head - maybe we should call to ask if they need help. So we called and the sister had just been praying that something could happen - she was called into work and didn't know how she would finish cleaning. We were an answer to her prayers. It ended up being so much fun to help too! We not only cleaned but also helped her move which meant we walked up 3 flights of stairs countless times. Let's just say the BYU stairs were good practice. Two members who were helping then came to our lesson with this investigator and it was so incredible! 

We were able to watch 3 sessions of conference: Saturday morning, Saturday Afternoon (on Sunday), and Sunday morning. I loved the thought of the family watching the same broadcast at the same time. :) I need to read the talks from the Sunday Afternoon at some point. I loved all of the talks on Missionary Work and then also the family and obbedienza. The things that are said are so much more real to me as a missionary now. One of my favorite talks was given by Rosemary M. Wixom about speaking to children. I love children!! It is so important to listen to others and speak with the mildness they need to hear. Not only is this important for my future with children but also as a missionary. I also loved hearing from the Prophet - obbedienza is so important for blessings. I have learned this as a missionary. When we are obedient to the rules, we receive blessings and the work is so much more enjoyable. Obbedienza porta felicita. 

Here is a little miracle story I told my Presidente: We have been blessed with so many little miracles throughout the week! These, from what we believe, are from following the Spirit and trying to obey with exactness. We have not been able to find a new simpatizanti despite our efforts and had a goal to find at least ONE by the end of the weekend. Since it was general conference weekend, we were not sure how to make it happen but we wanted to try. On Sunday morning, we planned an hour of finding work to find this new simpatizanti in the Principe area of Genova. While on the bus, we were talking to a beautiful family and missed our intended stop. So we decided to just look for someone in that area instead. Several people denied us and kept walking but we finally stopped one girl. Sorella Gomez and I were able to teach her right there and set up another appointment. We made this goal we wanted - it was a moving miracle. We try to pay attention to the guidance of the Holy Ghost more for more miracles. :)

One more quick, fun little fact. The other day, I was putting my tights on and noticed these strange dry patches on my knees. I told Sorella Gomez and she told me she had them too. After asking a few people, we found out that they were calluses from praying. WOAH!!! How cool is that! I love having them because we really do pray a lot and it is such a great reminder. 

Continue studying your scriptures DAILY!!!


Sorella Jameson

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