Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Genoa, April 3rd

This past week has been a little crazy because we had to go up to Milano for New Missionary Training. That happened on Friday and it is about a 4 hour round trip on train but my goodness... it is beautiful. I needed to go to the training very badly! Being here in Italy was a little bit harder than I expected. Most of it stems from my frustration of not being able to speak to or understand ANYONE. Alorra, the Lord blesses me day by day to understand just a little bit more. Thursday night, I felt like I was never going to understand or share the gospel. Friday was the perfect recharge I needed to have. Presidente and Sorella Wolfrgramm gave us so much love and support throughout the meeting - they are truly inspired. The best part for me was to see Sorella Stephens and my district again. When I first arrived at the church building, I saw Sorella Stephens' coat and ran upstairs to find her. We screamed and embraced, crying and saying “I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU!!!!” I felt so much strength being surrounded by all the people I loved. :)

Here is one of the coolest parts of day. On the train back home, I saw a man smiling at us so I said hello. He continued looking at us so I decided to start talking to him. The other Sorelle joined the conversation and we began teaching him about the gospel. At one point, Sorella Gomez turned to me and I just opened my mouth and started to talk. I didn't know what I was going to say or how to say any of it but my mouth was filled with words. I just kept talking about how much God loves us and how we can return to live with him again. The Spirit will guide if we have faith to go forward.

Sunday was Easter Sunday or Pascua. I kept thinking about Jerusalem - one year ago I was in the Garden Tomb. This Easter was just as beautiful... mostly. I felt a migraine coming on our way to church and it hit right before sacrament meeting. I prayed I would be fine for the rest of the day so I could work. After suffering through sacrament meeting, it mostly went away but I felt super tired the rest of church. (I have only had like 5 migraines in my life and I normally drink water, take advil, and sleep. I did two of those things.) Luckily I felt better by the time we left for our lunch appointment with a beautiful family in our ward. Mama mia... we ate sooooo much food!!! I had literally the BEST lasagna I have ever had in my entire life. We also had cannoli, salad, strawberries with fondue, toast with butter and salmon and then tiramisu. I started laughing when they brought out the tiramisu because I was SO FULL!! I loved spending time with the family because it felt like my family. When I speak Italian, I don't feel like myself but I felt like myself around the family. Just goofy. :) I have felt blessed with opportunities to gain confidence in who I am as a missionary in Italy. Heaven Father really does answer our prayers. 

The next day I was out - we had all of our investigators cancel on us and took it as a sign for me to rest. I didn't think I needed it but the Lord knows better than we do... :) I feel so much more prepared to take on my mission, one day at a time of course, because my body and soul had time to rest. Funny thing... I didn't think we could ever have a break as a missionary but we get them when we need them (aka when we are dying)

Okay I need to wrap this up but I just wanted to share a little thought with you. GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! We get to have the opportunity to listen to a real live PROPHET of GOD!!! AHHH! This is incredible!!! We have been inviting everyone we talk to, to listen to conference. So... maybe you can do the same. :) Also, member missionary work is SOOO important! ALSO, the Book of Mormon is INCREDIBLE!!! I love studying the scriptures for an hour everyday - I have learned so much.

I love you!!!! Thank you for all your support!!! Remember how precious knowledge is! D&C 130:18-19.

Vi voglio bene!!

Sorella Jameson

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