Wednesday, July 2, 2014

God works in mysterious ways

I do not have very much time because I was chatting and reading a TON of emails. But I have to say that it was amazing finding F. When I first got here, I was asking Sorella McPeek about the simpatizzanti that we have and the work. There is not much here. They have been only getting around 5 to 7 lessons a week and only found 3 people the month of June as new simps. One of them was F. While Sorella McPeek was explaining the story, all of the memories from Brad's e-mails hit me. Oh. My. Gosh. I told my companion about the crazy connection and told her that I had to meet F. We biked out 30 minutes to "stop by" and I asked her if she knew Elder Christensen. She smiled and said yes. I jumped up and down and hugged her. God works in mysterious ways. It was so hard to leave Alessandria with all the work to do there, with the people that I loved, and with the city that held so many special memories but I have to remember that this is the Lord's work. Not mine. I know that I am called to be here for a reason.

(A friend of Codi's, Brad Christensen, is serving a mission in Utah. This winter he met F, who was a foreign exchange student, and he reached out to Codi to see if she could help find F's family in Italy. Of course Codi would end up teaching her in Italy!!)

This was a message from my mission Presidente....

We do want someone to bring these investigators the rest of the way home. You will do great in your new assignment as well. You, sister Hoffman and Sister Gunnerson will all make your mark on Alessandria.

I am so grateful for my companions too. Sorella Hoffman taught me way more than I could have ever taught her. She is my inspiration as I go forward here in Busto. Sorella McPeek is absolutely AMAZING. She is HILARIOUS and has many interests that are similar to me. So we laugh throughout the day (like on Sunday when we were literally walking through flooded roads, and followed by drunk men in the stations.)

WOW!!! We have had SOOOO many miracles these last few days in Busto!!! Since arriving here on Thursday, we have taught MANY lessons and have found 6 new simpatizzanti! :) The Lord has been placing them in our pathway and we are just talking to everyone - in between lessons, on the train, on the way to eat gelato. One of these simpatizzanti is M. We stopped her on our way home for lunch. I just HAD to talk to her! She is from Cameroon and she is 23 years old. Years ago, she met with the missionaries and the only thing that she remembers is the Law of Chastity. M explained that this is something that she 100% agrees with too! We have met with her a second time and she accepted the soft invitation for baptism.

Things are great here. I love it! I know that this is the Lords work and I am called to be His servant. There are moments when I forget that and think about me - like leaving Alessandria. But I know that He wants something that is better for me, for His children, and for His work.

I love being a missionary. I love Busto Arsizio. I love Sorella McPeek. I love everything. It doesn't mean that things are easy, just that I find the joy in the midst of the work.


Sorella Jameson :)
Leaving Alessandria... with one of the 4 cakes I received. There is a picture of two cakes that I got too - one was pineapple and the other pear I think. Mamma mia... no more cake!!! 

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