Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Leaving Alessandria and Ending with all my heart, might, mind, and strength

I got a transfer call from Presidente on Monday to go to Busto Arsizio. It is west of Milano. I have never heard of it before! He released me as Sister Training Leader and thanked me for the wonderful, wonderful work that I have done and has asked me to continue to help the work go forth in my next city. I will be with Sorella McPeek who I know a little bit (she is from Sorella Andromidas's group and is sooooo cute) Sorella Hoffman will be staying in Alessandria for a 5th transfer. The poor thing already said goodbye to everyone and packed her bags. Presidente told her that she needs to finish what she got started. My goodness did she start a beast. Presidente put two crazy people together when we were called to be STL's here. We have done SOOOOO much together and love each other sooo much. Saturday night we both cried together about leaving. We feel like we have become sisters. We are sisters.

This transfer news however really upset me. I cried all Monday thinking about the people that I fell in love with on the first day here. It didn't seem fair. One of the reasons why it was hard too was that I felt like I didn't fulfill my purpose here. I thought "what was I supposed to do here?" I asked sweet Anziano Johnson (my BFF who followed me up from Pisa - I am REALLY going to miss him too) to give me a blessing. It was powerful. He said that the Lord has blessed me by showing my how His hand is extended into His work. Now it was my job to do the same thing in my next area. Many other things were said but that is what impacted me the most. Alessandria was a DREAM. It felt like I had walked in the District (film) but this was the first time that I felt like I wasn't doing much of what Sorella Jameson was meant to do. (Do you remember me sending you that letter about what I thought was my purpose. I have always walked into struggling units that needed help. Alessandria was helping me.) Sorella Hoffman is INCREDIBLE. She has taught me sooooo much about VISION and what can be done with the FAITH of a hard working missionary. She is going to move mountains and change Italia. My purpose here? To train Sorella Hoffman how to be an STL. I did it. Now it is time to move on. This is the Lord's work. Not mine. While I am sad, I am also excited to go forward and do His will.

Something else that I have learned from this humbling experience is that the Priesthood is real and amazing. I love getting blessing. God loves and KNOWS every single one of us individually. He has always answered my prayers and always will.

Last week, we received a referral from our Bishop. Actually, an entire family. E L is the sister of one of our other simpastizzante who is married to a member. We went on Wednesday night to visit them. It was amazing. E has been sooooo ready to join our church for years but has needed to fix several things. Now, she is ready and wanting to be baptized. Her, her husband G and their two younger daughters, G and S all accepted baptism for the 20 Luglio, the same day as E. We have gone back to visit several times and they are reading the Book of Mormon together as a family every night. :) Miracles are happening here in Alessandria and Sorella Hoffman is the perfect person to see them through to the end.

To finish, we will be having a baptism on Sunday for E B. Oh how I love her so much! We set a baptismal date with her the first Sunday that I arrived and now she is getting baptized. Anziano Ostergar and Speiser started teaching her almost a year ago.

I have 6 weeks left... going into my last transfer and I hope to work with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. The Gospel is restored and real.


Sorella Jameson

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