Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I am so glad to be wearing a name tag

Soooooooo I have been having really crazy dreams these past few nights. Last night I dreamed that I was home from my mission but I wasn't ready of course to be home. It is kind of like what happened at the beginning of my mission. Although it is something that I do not want to think about, I will be home in 2 months. Crazy huh? Sorella Hoffman is the PERFECT companion to be with right now because she is helping me in so many ways for the future. Especially because we are just working like crazy. Why? Because we have a vision to fulfill. :)

Last week we were supposed to have a scambio with Torino but we couldn't due to train strikes, we Sorella Hoffman and I were just together. Meno male... we had so many crazy things happen.

Wow... one of the biggest miracles that I found personally this week came from a referral si chiama A. One of the GANS brought to the Sunday Serata Familiare, his friend from England. There are people that we can meet every once in a while that you feel an immediate connection with - this is how it felt with A. I could feel the love of Christ through me as I talked to her. She is a very confused and lost soul searching for happiness in this life. I know how and from whom she can gain this happiness. Jesus Christ and His Gospel. We have another lesson with her tomorrow. :) A is a fashion stylist in London. She is working her way up to be a big shot in the media and model world. It is so interesting how we can see people like her and think that they have it all - money, fame, beauty. And yet we discover that they are simple people just like us. She is just a simple ragazza who is searching for happiness and just doesn't know where to find it.

This past weekend we also had several meal appointments with potential investigators. The people here in Alessadria are SO kind that they literally invite us to come over for dinner after the first meeting. Both appointments left us stupefied, if you will. I saw very clearly who I am as a missionary in this work. These people were sooooo kind and wonderful but only wanted friendship. Unfortunately, that is not what we are here to do - we are here to invite others to come unto Christ. They rejected this invitation and thanked us for the time we gave to get to know them. That was it. The doors closed. My heart broke a little bit because of how incredible these people are - they are kind loving, giving, children of God. If I was not wearing a name tag, it would have been different. In the end, I am so glad to be wearing a name tag. To bring such an important message to the world. It was also such an important lesson that I learned for my future as a member of the church. It is also up the "normal" members to help invite and prepare their friends to accept the Gospel.

To finish, here is an article in the Liahona about my nonna in Genova!!! Paola Fava. :)
Nonna Fava

Vi voglio tanto bene!!!!

Sorella Jameson

PS: Sorry for no pictures.... hopefully I will get some soon. :)

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