Wednesday, May 28, 2014

People are so ready to hear the gospel

I don't have much time because I got onto the computer late. But that is okay. :)

Sooooo we got 37 lessons this week, 22 were member present! Our district of 3 sets of missionaries taught 102 total. One of these sets is opening!!! It is sooooo amazing! People are so ready to hear the gospel here! Not just that, Sorella Hoffman and I are "believers." Cioè, we believe that ANYTHING is possible if we have faith, hope, and charity. Last week, Sorella Hoffman told me, "What was Presidente thinking putting the two of us together?" Hahahaha. Seriously though.... I love being with Sorella Hoffman. We feel like we are sisters together. There is honesty and communication between us and we teach so well together. I love it. But then again, I have loved ALL of my companions. :)

This week has been absolutely insane. Our entire district has been working so hard to go above and beyond in lessons and preparing people for baptism. We specifically focused this week on setting baptismal date (we set 3 and 1 more yesterday) People have been coming fully prepared for us to teach and prepare for baptism. :) Right now we have 6 baptimals dates, one for every week starting next week until the first week of July. Please pray that all of these will come through!!! :)

I just wanted to share a quick thought before I have to sign off. This morning I was reading the Ensign and came across an article about communication within marriage. If there is one thing that I have learned as a missionary being with someone else 24/7, I have learned the importance of open, loving communication. Please read this article below...

Speak, Listen, and Love

"As you incorporate these communication principles in your marriage, you may also want to apply them to your relationship with Heavenly Father. Many people communicate with God at a superficial level. If you pray out of duty or use habitual phrases, you may find it difficult to connect with Heavenly Father and He will feel distant. Communicating with God is different from just talking to Him. President Joseph F. Smith (1838–1918) taught: “We do not have to cry unto him with many words. We do not have to weary him with long prayers. … Let the prayer come from the heart, let it not be in words that are worn into ruts in the beaten tracks of common use, without thought or feeling in the use of those words.”

Do you share with your Heavenly Father your innermost beliefs, feelings, and desires? Have you shared with Him the secret ambitions that lie in your heart? Can you pour out your heart to Him? And do you practice listening for His responses?

Today!! Sicilian canoli :)
Sincere words spoken in humble prayer will allow you to develop a deeper connection with Heavenly Father. Listening for and implementing His counsel will enrich and strengthen the relationship. As you express gratitude for specific blessings, live the gospel, and become more like Jesus Christ, you will demonstrate your love for Heavenly Father."

The church is so true. I feel it everyday as I speak of the Restoration. The Spirit bears testimony to my heart and mind every hour of each day and helps in His great work.

VI voglio TANTO bene!!!

Sorella Jameson

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