Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It all comes back to one thing

Things are so great right now!!! Life feels a little bit weird because I know that a month from now I will be home. When we do planning and pick dates for different things I have to take a step back and remember that I am almost done. During the last General Conference, there was a talk about 4 minutes called Your 4 Minutes. Your Four Minutes I heard this talk when I had a bout 4 months left in the mission and I thought about how I had only 4 minutes to make my best performance happen. Now I am down to my last minutes. I want to make it count more than ever and I want to work hard. Busto Arsizio has given me this chance to do so - there is SO much happening!!!

My companion and I. She braided my hair!
Last week was a little bit crazy because it doesn't feel like summer. It felt like spring time or fall. Our 4th of July resulted in soup eating and Hot Chocolate drinking. We just laughed under all of the rain fall and the cold weather. (We are so much happier in this weather anyway) We found 7 total new simpatizzanti last week and 2 this week - one everyday. It is incredible!! Now we are trying to meet with them again to set baptismal dates. :) We are still trying to work with M - the African from last week. Her mother is Jehovah's Witness so she asks really deep questions from the bible that we honestly cannot even answer. But then it all comes back to one thing - the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ. If all of this is true, then we have the revelation of the Plan of Salvation, we have clarification from the Bible, and we have the comfort of knowing that there is no confusion anymore. I love the church!!!

We have an amazing story with a family that we have tried to start working with. F was a referral from the United States and she recently returned from a study abroad program from Cedar City. She has asked us to try to work with her family because she would like ALL of them to be part of the church. (She is currently an investigator as well). During our visit on Saturday, her father N sat down and started to ask many questions about the church. At the end of the conversation he said that he is very content with our visits and that with time, they will all decide to become part of this "Mormon church" as well. :) He knows our purpose and is open. We pray to work more with them and help them come unto Christ. :)
Italian fast food!

I just wanted to share a little video that my companion shared with me this morning.

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

I love you!!!

Sorella Jameson

PS: Please pray for F and her family! Also for M - he is our Baptismal Date for the 26th of July.

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