Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I love being a missionary

It has been quite nice here in Busto Arsizio - it just barely started to get hot which is OKAY with me!! Last summer was killer! We bought some popsicles to help us stay cooler in the hot weather. :) Speaking of food... we planned a ward activity for this weekend. A COOK OFF!!! :) It is going to be so great because Italians are super prideful of their food.

Oh my goodness... there have been so many miracles here in Busto!! We have officially found 17 new investigators since the beginning of the month. We don't even go for hours out to find. We just talk to everyone and help them feel a little bit of God's love for them. There are just people waiting and ready for the Gospel.

My miracle story for this email comes along with our scambio that we completed with Sorella Egbert yesterday in Busto Arsizio. I loved being with Sorella Egbert - she has always been an example to me. We went to teach our simpatizzanti M, the young woman that Sorella McPeek and I found my first Friday here in Busto. She is amazing and has been slowly progressing (even though she asks many questions based off of the Jehovah's Witness's beliefs.) We were finally able to have a lesson in her home and relied a lot on the Spirit to answer her questions - mostly on how to receive the answers to prayers and then the importance of the Book of Mormon. M LOVES the bible and believes so much in it that it is hard for her to understand why we need or even have the Book of Mormon. We shared the introduction with her again and just bore powerful witness to it's truth while stating our purpose. M accepted the baptismal date for the 6th of Settembre. We now have two baptismal dates here in Busto! One of which passed his interview for the 26th of July!

Ma (our baptismal date for the 26) is such an amazing person. He was introduced to the Gospel by his ex-girlfriend whom he was dating until late. Last week we had a lesson with him about the Prophet Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson and asked him if he knew that they were prophets called of God. He explained that he wasn't 100% confident in responding YES but he said that things are slowly making sense and that he feels good about it. We asked how he felt about the Book of Mormon. Mamma mia.... his response was amazing. "At first, I wanted to read the Book of Mormon because of curiosity. But the more I read it, the more I felt my soul being filled with peace. Now I read it because it FILLS my soul and it is a need." We explained to M that THIS is the Spirit bearing witness of the truth of the Book Of Mormon. He knows it is true. And because he knows the Book Of Mormon is true, he then knows that the Prophet Joseph Smith was truly called of God. Later that week we taught about the Priesthood organization in the church and then he received a blessing of comfort. On Sunday, we had a practice interview with him for his actual baptismal interview. Tears ran down his face as he expressed his faith and the importance that this has to him. At the very end, we asked if there was anything that he needed. He only shook his head and said in tears how grateful he was for us and our time to bring this happiness to him. :)

One thing that I have been trying to focus on the last few weeks of my mission is to just use the Spirit. While I was on my Scambio with Sorella Egbert I could literally feel peace and love radiating off of her because she was a pure conductor of the Spirit. What I had noticed from her was that she was a natural missionary that followed the higher law, if you will. It was beautiful! She studied so intently, prayed so fervantly, and followed the schedule exactly. The Spirit was with us and it was strong. But we still had fun and laughed. I want to make this a part of my life ALWAYS and not just the last few weeks of the mission. :)

Malpensa Airport Hahahahaha
Adventure story: Today we went up to Como but before we left I sliced my thumb open with the kick stand on my bike. Note to self. Never try to put the kick stand down with your hands. It is called a kick stand for a reason. Then on our way back, we took the wrong train and ended up at the Malpensa Airport. I know that Sorella McPeek's mom got an email from Mom asking her to tell Sorlla McPeek to keep me from getting trunky but it didn't work.... :) Hahaha just kidding. It was actually really funny to end up there so close to the end of my mission.

I love being a missionary. We have a message of happiness and JOY! We are not here to convince ANYONE only to bring them closer to Christ. That is why we have the Book of Mormon. That is why we have a Prophet Joseph Smith. That is why we have the restored Gospel. It doesn't matter what the name of God is. It doesn't matter that Revelations states at the end that nothing can be added. What matters is JESUS CHRIST.

Vi voglio tanto bene!!

Sorella Jameson
Como Lake

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