Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Gospel is my life!

I definitely have not forgotten to sing in the rain. :) It has been raining on and off here which is fantastic because it keeps the air cooler (but then that also means that it will be a little hard to go out and find people. Italians are so weird about the rain.) Sorella McPeek is so great in helping me stay on track. She makes dead missionary jokes all of the time which just makes it feel like a funny thing. They other day I said that I had 3 weeks left and she patted my back and said "No no... you only have 2 weeks. Sorry." Hahahah

These past few days have been absolutely amazing! Unfortunately we have not been able to see F yet - we are doing EVERYTHING that we can to see her without overwhelming her. But she wants to go to Milano with us and hopefully we will see her on Friday. Last Friday we were in the middle of weekly planning when someone rang our doorbell. We answered it to find a man standing at OUR door asking for a hair school. Of course we were not the people that he was looking for but we did get to start a discussion about who we are. We taught him a lesson on our door step and he said that he wanted to come to church. Hahahah so funny!

Saturday we had a cook off that we organized. Guess who won best dessert? We did of course. :) We made red velvet cake. There was a great turn out and a beautiful Spirit. Earlier that day, we went to teach one of the less actives in our ward. We feel completely lost in trying to help her because she just doesn't understand anymore what is the gospel of Jesus Christ. While we were talking about the importance to prepare NOW to return to our Father in Heaven, she made the comment that she didn't understand that earlier. I was impacted deeply by this. After we left, I asked Sorella McPeek how someone could FORGET these simple and important things. She was a strong and faithful member, went to the temple, raised many children in the church and now she cannot remember the basics of the gospel. Sorella McPeek simply stated "She had forgotten because she doesn't read her scriptures." I never imagined forgetting things of the Gospel because it is my life right now. It is so important to do the small and simple things however to keep our faith STRONG.

We had an incredible miracle last night! Yesterday we had planned on receiving 2 new investigators (we have gotten at least 1 almost every day this month) because we haven't found someone in the last few days. We prayed that we could find these special people. At 8:30 pm, while we were in the middle of teaching M our final lesson before the baptism, someone knocks at the door of the member's home. In walk a beautiful couple from Madrid who recently moved here. We talked to them and explained the basics of what we believed and they both expressed interest in learning more. While we were discussing what we believed, M nodded the entire time and at one point stated "Yes! That is what we believe too!!" He loved experiencing sharing the gospel with others. :) Tomorrow we are going to meet again at the member's home with them!

Life is amazing and the Gospel is true. It is the only way to true happiness.

Vi voglio tanto bene!

Sorella Jameson

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