Wednesday, March 26, 2014

That is how it should be

Once again we had a fantastic week. Also an emotional one. We are approaching our final days together before Sorella Stewart goes home and it is a little sad. I know that I will be with her again but my goodness... you just get attached to your companions!! I am so blessed that the Lord has given me AMAZING companions and that I have loved every single one of them for THEM.

My fantastic companion!
Presidente Dibb came to our branch on Sunday and shared a short but powerful message about moving the work of the Lord forward. He said that we can do 3 simple things. 1 - PRAY. 2 - Read the Book of Mormon. 3 - Write our testimony in the BOM to give to our friends. I would like to invite you all to do the same thing. As he was talking, he pointed out how Pisa has 2 sets of amazing missionaries, then he mentioned that Sorella Stewart was going home soon. My eyes immediately started to fill up with tears. Managia.

Unfortunately, we did not have any simpatizzanti in church but we had many other amazing miracles, like FINDING one of our simps. M, the African woman, disappeared for almost 2 weeks. We tried visiting, calling, but she seemed to just have vanished. Finally we stopped by on Sunday and found her! She was sooo happy to see us and vice-versa. :) Here is the funniest part. When we were about to walk in, two Jehovah's Witnesses walked out. We stopped, and awkwardly smiled at each other. I think that they are fantastic people who have a lot of faith to do what they believe but my goodness.... At least they help share the word of God!

Last week, our member Michael Israel gave us a family for referrals. This week, we set a baptismal date with Bishop, the father of the family. Michael can baptize his friend too because he has the priesthood. He was explaining to us WHY he wanted his friend to be baptized - he said that he loved Bishop and wanted his life to be blessed. The gospel has CHANGED and blessed Michael so now he is determined to share it with others too. That is how it should be.

The beautiful Sorelle of Florence!
Last little thought. We had a beautiful conference with Presidente on Monday in Firenze. A member of the District Presidency bore his testimony to us about the beauty of the Restored Gospel. Oh my goodness.... it was so powerful. He explained that when he was baptized, he was called to serve in the Military. The only time of the day that he could study his scriptures was at the end of the day, when everyone was showering. He explained that "That which we desire to be, is exactly what we can do and become. " He wanted to be a good and faithful member of the church so that is exactly what he was able to do and become. So he read his scriptures every night, in the midst of men running around, preparing for bed. One night, at 2 in the morning, a fellow soldier woke him up and asked about the church, This soldier was too timid to ask in person so he waited til lights were out. Fratello Yanni (the man giving the testimony) stated "I am not an amazing person. I am only a member of the church with the desire to share the gospel with others." It is so simple and so beautiful.

Sorella Stewart and I in Lucca
We are so blessed to have a prophet today. To have the gospel restored with the blessings that come with it.

Also, we hit 20 lessons last week. :)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Sorella Jameson

An ancient brick wall

Jif peanut butter from our American members. YES!!!!

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