Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It feels unreal because of how PERFECT it is!

MAMMA MIA!!!! This week has been so full of miracles and tender mercies. The Lord has blessed the area of Pisa sooo much. We are towards the end of a 40 day fast within the branch for Missionary Work. Every night, we also have a family prayer for missionary work too. The Anziani and us sorelle have been so blessed in finding and teaching new people. We taught 22 lessons last week. Miracle.

We had many miracles this week! This one happened on Monday as we were going to visit simpatizzanti who live FAR away from Pisa. We had planned our day so that we would have 2 hours in Pontederra - a little city about 15 minutes in train from Pisa but we felt we needed to stay there instead of going back to Pisa. (We had an appointment scheduled for the evening in Pontederra) So we called a member who lives in Pontederra and told him that we would be there, then asking if he knows of any friends that we could meet within those 2 hours. Michael Isreal (the member who is also one of the coolest Nigerians ever - literally everyone is friends with him) told us that he cannot think of anyone but told us he would pray to find someone. When we called back on Monday, asking if he thought of anyone. He said yes! So we met up with Michael, who then took us to a FAMILY to teach. It was BEAUTIFUL! To be honest, I did not think anything would happen (oh me of little faith) but I was willing to put a shot in the dark if you will and just TRY. That is what the Lord asks us to do. TRY.

Our biggest miracle of this week started last Wednesday evening. We planned on visiting the Fiorelli family - Presidente Fiorelli is the District President. I have always wanted to meet with them but they are rarely at church (due to travel around to all the other branches in the Firenze district). When we arrived to meet with the family, they informed us that the boyfriend of their less active daughter would be attending dinner with us that evening, thus giving us an opportunity to do some missionary work. :) We taught our lesson and Presidente Fiorelli explained how the feelings that Simone (the boyfriend) felt were from the Spirit. He then turned around to pull out a Book of Mormon from a book shelf full of copies of the Book Of Mormon and gave Simone the copy. We asked if Simone would like to learn more, to which he agreed. Monday evening we held a Serata Familiare with them, taught the Restaurazione and invited him to baptism, to which he also accepted. I have never experienced working with members in the this manner before - it feels unreal because of how PERFECT it is! We have another lesson for Next Monday. :)

I wanted to end my thoughts with the invitation to prepare and invite everyone to see General Conference. We have a living prophet in these modern days and it is BEAUTIFUL. Someone who receives guidance from our Father in Heaven and the Savior Jesus Christ. Someone with the same power of Moses, who parted the Red Sea.

 Just follow this link to General Conference!


Sorella Jameson

Giant chocolate eggs for Easter. We got some for the Anziani. :)

Our District!

Mission shoe woes

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