Wednesday, March 12, 2014

He will make it happen

Mamma mia! We have had SOOOO many fantastic miracles this past week! The most incredible miracle that I have seen happened yesterday during our double scambio with Montevarchi. First of all, I must say that we learned WAY more from them than they learned from us - these sorelle are incredible! Sorella Yost and I went to find a referral given to us from the Anziani (who had found her in their phone). It took quite the trip to go out and find her but it was worth every kilometer because Lina is ready to accept the gospel. As we taught her, she informed us how she found the Anziani last summer but they could never come because her husband is never around. Finally we came!  Lina explained that she felt as if she almost gave up hope in meeting with us when she received our phone call. She is so excited to learn more! Also, Sorella Yost and I were determined to not only reach but to exceed our "other lessons taught" goal of 4 for the day. We had the miracle mind set and taught 5 lessons together, making our total for the day 7 with the other sorelle. If we go to God in faith, with the sincere desire to do His will, He will make it happen.

Earlier last week, I has a scambio with a verdina (aka very new missionary). Her name is Sorella Richards and she is sooooo adorable. I just remember how much my first scambio impacted me with Sorella Forbes. So I did everything in my power to make it one of the best scambi EVER! And it was fantastic! We saw so many miracles togethers, especially those with the power of the Spirit. OH my goodness... Sorella Richards taught with SOOOO much power as she shared her testimony. She could hardly speak or understand Italian, which reminded me of myself one year ago, but my goodness could she speak and understand with the spirit. On that day we went to visit M, one of our beautiful simps. She is VERY pregnant so we brought our Branch Presidente to give a blessing. It was such a beautiful blessing, guided by the spirit. At one point, a little girl ran into the room and yelled "I made a poo poo!!!" but Presidente Ventura didn't stop. He kept blessing her with the power of God.

Saturday we also had a chance to take a beautiful hike in the hills with the Young Woman (singular) but it was fantastic none the less. Sorella Stewart and I went a little crazy in our jeans. (Which mine are fitting better by the way! All the biking I tell you!)

I love you so much!!!

Sorella Jameson

From my MTC group!

My sawed off bike seat

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