Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Training again and the Holland Hammer

This might be a shorter email. Why? 1) Last week was a literal blur. 2) We got our transfer calls and have thus been running around like crazy.

Transfer Call: As predicted, Sorella Brown and Sorella Bennett are both leaving (to which I am very sad. I had an AMAZING time with them.) Sorella Brown will be going to Como with Sorella Baer - someone who I heard was "sweeter than Sorella Jameson" as quoted by Sorella Bennett. This will be so good for her. Sorella Bennett will be going to Savona. My old area. I am SOOOOO excited for her! I already told her she needs to get focaccia and visit my city. As for me? I will training again!!! This call to train was much different than the last call and I am really quite excited for it. I actually had a dream the night before we got the call that I was asked to train. So we have running from person to person to try and get everything done that we need to. I want to be all prepared and ready to go when I pick up my new little baby. :) There are only 4 coming in.

This week has been like a roller coaster emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We had some very intense lessons on Saturday that reminded me of Genova a little bit. As servants of the Lord, we can feel the love that God has for his children. We also spent all Monday cleaning (REALLY cleaning) for the next transfer. By the end of the night, my thighs were sore from squatting and standing for hours. To celebrate at the end, we got some Chinese food with the Jefferies, who then threw a sutprise birthday party for Sorella Bennett. Oh how we love the Jefferies.

The man that we found and taught last week is our biggest miracle. P has continued to meet with us, ask many open questions, and love everything we have to say. On Sunday we called him to ask if we could show him where the church is located and to give him a tour. Throughout the tour, he just kept saying how beautiful the church was and that it was perfect at the end. He also shared with us that he even has a wife that he had waited to introduce - to see if we were acceptable or not. P is so honest and pure with a heart of gold. He is truly a miracle.

Later on Sunday night we taught a meno attivo family who are normally very sensitive and hard to get to talk. SO as we were going into this lesson, I had thought of bringing out the "Holland Hammer" of speaking the blunt and direct truth. When we entered the home and began talking to them, I felt my heart soften and felt the need to do a more "Eyring type" approach. We just laughed, talked about food, and taught a lesson about JOY (Alma 26:35-37 my mission scripture) We invited them to have a little more joy in their lives by praying a little more and coming to church a little more. At the end of the lesson, il fratello said "We will see you again soon! First at church I guess!" Oh the joy that fills my heart. :)

This week I have felt especially sensitive to the Love of God and the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. During sacrament, I would like you to ponder deeply of his Atonement. Maybe even read "In remembrance of Him..." by Holland.

Vi voglio bene!!

Sorella Jameson :)

Pictures: lasagna :)

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