Thursday, October 31, 2013

Family Mission Plan

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! I was really hoping to get an e-mail from you freaking out, wondering what has happened to me but alas... it was not meant to be. We had a New Missionary Training in Milano yesterday so we moved our P-Day to today. It has really thrown off my internal missionary clock and I don't really like it...... Part of me wants to just give up this P-day and get to work but I know it would kill poor Sorella Andromidas. :)

We have seen so many beautiful miracles and blessings here! I am so very happy to be a missionary and a trainer here in Forlì. Sorella Andromidas came pre-trained. Literally. She even went teaching with some missionaries in Italy last Christmas (one of them being Anziano Hatch. Small world huh?) So we are just working our hearts out, trying to be obedient and have faith. I honestly don't know HOW I keep lucking out with INCREDIBLE companions. ALL of them!!! And both people who I have had to train speak better Italian than me. Hallelujah! :)

SOOOO Speaking of Italian, Presidente Dibb asked Sorella Andromidas to translate for the District conference this past weekend. AHHHH it was sooooo scary and yet so exciting at the same time. We had these little walkie talkie hand sets to translate for Sorella Dibb and the member of the Seventy as well as anyone else that needed English. We both came in with MIGHTY prayers in our hearts (ENOS) and were definitely guided as we translated. There was one point that a woman spoke soooooo fast that I had to say "I am sorry... she is speaking really fast" into the handset. This was only for reading the scriptures, words just came out of my mouth without realizing what she was actually saying. The gift of tongues exists.

I wanted to share some of my thoughts from the District Conference. It revolved around missionary work - this seems to be a BIG thing that church is focusing on. They talked about having a Family Mission Plan, just how ever ward has a mission plan. He also explained that all of us are missionaries. The only difference if that we have a black name tag and you have a name tag that shines through your face. It was so beautiful!! Sharing the gospel through the Spirit that we have and the JOY that so many others can feel. SOOOO what do you think? Would you like to do it?

Also, L and A were able to come to the District Conference and they just LOVED it!!! Someone even asked if L was a member because of the light that just shined from her eyes. She is so special.

On Sunday afternoon, we went with the Jefferies to teach a lesson with one of our investigators, N and her family. As we were approaching the door, she came out with her daughters and said "I am so sorry! I need to take them to R's house. Can you come back at 5 instead?" So we went to teach another simpatizzanti and were heading to her home when we received a call from a Meno Attivo named R. It was the SAME person that N was going to go visit!!! R invited us to her home to teach N instead. The daughter of R will be baptized on the 9th of  November so we had a beautiful and powerful lesson on the Gospel and importance of the Priesthood authority. We set a baptismal date with N and one of her daughters for the 7th of December. :) It was a beautiful miracle.

Okay I need to wrap this up if I want to contact anyone else. :) I have LOVED going through the Book Of Mormon again with the mind set of a missionary. It is such a beautiful and TRUE book of God. One thing that I loved was in Omni - the people of Zarahemla. They had lost their belief in God and ability to speak the language. Why? They didn't have scriptures with them. We NEED the scriptures. To continue with our beliefs in God and to learn of our fathers (just as King Benjamin taught to his son Mosiah). I am so very grateful for the Bible and Book of Mormon, for preserving the FAITH of Christ.


Sorella Jameson :)

PS: Pictures: I wanted to show you how long my hair is!!! Don't worry... it shall be cut soon. When? I don't really know. And one of my sweet baby. :)


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