Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thank you modern day Prophets called of God

General Conference. This is candy for missionaries. Really it seems to fuel us and give us that extra charge that we truly need. Did you invite anyone to watch it? I fasted before Conference with a specific question to be answered. I can testify that my question was more than answered. I feel it has changed my outlook on missionary work and even the rest of my life. There were many other things that I felt were answers to doubts I had or problems for other simpatizzanti. Oh how I love General Conference!!! We were able to broadcast it in our chapel, something that had never been done in the history of Forlì. (It came about from my interview with Presidente Dibb). 5 simpatizzanti came, one of whom is a pretty tough cookie when it comes to our lessons. He ended up LOVING conference. Thank you modern day Prophets called of God.

Sunday, I hit my 8 month mark as well. Yes. This felt much different than all the other month marks (that I should probably not be counting...) I realized that next month will be my half way point which means my time is running out. Only 2 months ago I had thought to myself that there was TOO much time and that I was not capable of working another year.  My love for my mission and for my Savior has deepened so much. I look forward to the next 10 months of my mission with excitement and love. :)

We have had sooooo many tender mercies and answers to prayers this week!! Stopping people to talk to them is something that I am not particularly great at doing, especially when we have bikes to ride. These last few weeks I have been praying for the strength, courage, and guidance to stop people to speak with them. Last week I saw a man riding his bike and just felt this need to stop him. We rode past him due to the busy street and small sidewalk but the thought was still pounding in my mind. So I pulled to the side of a parking lot, waiting for him to come past. I wasn't sure what I was going to say or how I was going to get this man to stop his bike long enough to talk to us but I knew I had to do this. When he came by I just started to talk to him and he stopped. We exchanged numbers after explaining who we were and why we wanted to visit. On Saturday, we went to his house to teach him. It was a beautiful lesson and he is so excited to continue studying with us. His friends even came in to listen to us as well. It was a tender mercy and an answer to my prayers.

Another answer to my prayers came yesterday with our visit to a meno attivo. I had asked the night before for the opportunity to talk to more people, something hard in the pouring rain (which has been really fun with skirts on bikes. No sarcasm intended. I just laugh the entire time) As we were about to start with a prayer, a friend came to visit. She had been given the Book of Mormon by the active mother of the meno attivo but never had time to meet with us. God had answered my prayer. The more beautiful part is that the less active began teaching the friend of the restoration and the truth of the Book of Mormon. The spirit was beautiful. :)

Scripture insight:
Finishing 2 Nephi is always something so hard. Always. My favorite part of finishing it though was the last testimony of Nephi. His last words are "I must obey." That is is Nephi in 3 simple words. He is a wonderful example of following the commandments of God - that is all he does in the first book of Nephi.

Thank you for your love and your support. It has been such a strength to me during my mission. This mission is the one of the greatest blessings and gifts that I could ever ask for.

Vi voglio Bene!!!!

Sorella Jameson

PS: Pictures of my watch and of SPONGEBOB tissues that I found for only € 1 !!!

This girl and her Spongebob. All is right in the world!

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