Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Be bold and loving

We have begun another transfer here in Genova!! It is sooooo weird to think that I arrived here 4 months ago in March. So much has changed - io, la mia collega, il nostro lavoro, il nostro rione, i nostri simpatizzanti, il mio italiano, etc. Being a missionary is something that just feels like a part of me, like I have been doing it all along. I really love it so much! Yes, there are times when it is hard and I feel like it would be easier to go home, but there are more moments of complete joy when we help others come closer to Christ. Such as ...

M!!! As I am sure you know, she was baptized on Friday and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. Oh mama mia... it was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. We have been working so hard with the ward, with M, with the Presidente, and with each other to get every thing ready for this baptism. It has been a long road but M has finally made it through the first door of baptism (next stop... the TEMPLE!!!) M has changed sooooo much since the first night that Sorella Gomez and I found her at the bus stop one April night. There is a light and joy in her eyes and face and she just GLOWS with faith in Christ. She told me on Sunday how much peace and tranquility she has found in this church and how happy she is to have found it. The baptismal service was absolutely beautiful as well. We had 4 simpatizzanti come and at least 6 others of the other missionaries come. There were several ward members and 3 of M's children came. We performed a musical number after (there is a recording on my card) and the spirit just FLOWED into the room. The funny part of her baptism: When she was baptized she let go of her nose.... when she came out of the water she was chocking and coughing up water. It was absolutely hilarious because she just started laughing, saying how buffa (funny) she was. Oh M.... Now she is a huge beacon of faith for us and other members. I love her sooo much!!

Some other miracles...These miracles came slowly throughout our day's work on Monday. We had a District Meeting that morning and talked about our calling as missionaries, sopra tutto as representatives of Jesus Christ. We have been set apart and have the power and authority to do this work for our Savior. Our district leader, Anziano Edwards, gave us the battle cry to be bold and loving with our simpatizzanti, meno attivi, and membri as we help them come closer to Christ. As we worked throughout the day, I had this thought and challenge in my mind. I felt our lessons come out more powerfully as we taught simpatizzanti, meno attivi, and membri. It made a difference for the entire lesson, the entire atmosphere. The people we taught were touched and we could see and feel this Spirit working with them. It was an amazing experience that I hope to never forget as an authorized representative of our Savior, Gesu Cristo.

Grazie per tutto voi avete fatto per me and la mia collega. Sono molta grata. Continuate con fede and speranze perche Gesu Cristo vive!

Vi voglio bene!!!

Sorella Jameson
Codi's zone, meeting President and Sister Dibbs

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