Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The time is NOW!

I AM STAYING IN GENOVA!!!!! I am soooooooo happy!!! Sorella Lemos and I were jumping up and down with joy and crying together. (We were both terrified I was leaving) Presidente did not change very many copia this transfer but then again he has only been here for about 4 weeks. Plus that means we get to stay here for M's BAPTISM!!!!!!! It is this FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am soooooo excited for that and to be here with the people I love soooo much!!! It is amazing but also a huge shock - 4 transfers in the same city! Also, our capi zoni opened my first transfer here and are staying the same next transfer (Anz Hatch and Gibbons) Anz Hatch is dying this transfer (meaning he is finishing) There is so much we want to do together this transfer! YAY!!!

Now for a quick update on my week...

I love Genova! I love Sorella Lemos!!! I love being a missionary!! But I must admit that it was a little hard for me last week for some strange reason. I felt tired. More than just physically tired (which is everyday especially in this heat) but a little spiritually tired. Satan was working hard on my heart and mind last week because I started having thoughts of "well I almost have finished 6 months of a mission. I have done my time" More than anything, my thoughts started turning more inward than outward to the people around me. Why? Well I am human. The thing that I learned from this is the importance of just praying my heart out to my Father in Heaven and to just focus on loving and serving those around me. I talked about this to Sorella Lemos (who I just love so much) and felt so much strength and support from her. Sometimes I try to do things on my own - especially because I feel like I MUST since I am the senior companion and example but we are in copia for a reason. Adesso me sento pu forta! :) PRAY!

Our miracle occured last Friday when we worked with two young women - both 18 years old  It was a beautiful experience to work with these young women who had a fire and zeal for preaching the Gospel. When we arrived at the church to meet up with them, they were excited to get started. I worked with a young woman who was baptized about a year and a half ago whose dream is to serve a mission. We ended up teaching a new simpatizzanti and visiting a meno attivo famiglia. She told how forte this experience was for her and how excited she was to serve her mission in the future! The Lord is preparing the youth for the mission work!!

M is going to be baptized this Friday and she is so excited!! She was so giddy after her baptismal interview last week and is ready for this next step. When her baptism was announced in church on Sunday, the ward gasped with Joy! She has been coming to church for 3 to 4months now and is known and loved by so many members. (Insert emphasis on member work!!!! GET TO KNOW YOUR MISSIONARIES' SIMPATIZZANTI!!!)

To finish I want to share some of my thoughts of the broadcast given, the Work of Salvation. We had a chance to watch it yesterday as a district. Mama mia... it was sooooo good!! The time is NOW to share the gospel. It doesn't mean we need to go out and force our beliefs on others. No, we can share the gospel through service, through friendship, and sopro tutto, through our example. My challenge is to get to know the simpatizzanti of the missionaries and find new ones for them to teach. Make a list of friends, prayerfully selecting names of those you want to share the gospel with. Where can you find these friends? This is how you do your missionary work. Also, visit the less actives in your wards. Don't wait to be told. ACT!!! God loves all of His children and wants us ALL to have happiness in this life. That is through the one, true gospel of Jesus Christ, RESTORED through a Prophet in these latter days.

The church is true. God loves us. Ti voglio bene!

Sorella Jameson
My desk, BEFORE morning study

My desk, AFTER morning study!

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