Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The African Showdown

Okay I don't have a lot of time because I got many beautiful emails from my dear friends and loved ones. Thank you!!! I am excited for my birthday tomorrow but I think that I am more excited for the special conference that is coming up in May when Florence becomes a STAKE!!!! :)

This week has been crazy like always but soooo good too. :)

We forgot that Friday was Festivo and therefore did not plan our day out as well as we should have. All of our plans had fallen through but we still had many other miracles. One of which came by visiting our baptismal date, S. Oh my goodness... I love S sooooo much! While we talked to her about her baptism, she expressed how she is still preparing for the date. We reminded her that it is scheduled for the 10th of May. She thought about it, smiled and said, "Yes! I am ready! Oh I am so excited!" She has come consistently to church these past 4 week !!! :)

The next day, Saturday, we went to visit B with Michael. S, Bishop's wife, was there with us. Before, S hasn't shown a lot of interest in our message until this past lesson which we deem as the "African Showdown" Yes... it was a showdown indeed. We decided to be a lot more BOLD with our lesson to help them understand our purpose. SO we talked about Salvation and I said "B. and S. God is the ONE person. He has ONE church and ONE way to return to live with Him. That is THIS church. You can only return to live with God through this Church." Well... B flipped a little bit and then Michael Israel started bearing STRONG testimony of the truth. S looked at Michael and asked "You believe this is true Egbon?" When Michael said YES, S nodded her head and murmured Uh huh! In a very approving African way. In the end, Michael just said that the only way we can know if it is true or not is to pray. We cannot argue over it or ask others what they think. Only GOD knows the truth. Amen my brotha!

Also we went to do a double scambio in SIENA that week. Oh my gosh... it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Attached is a picture that we took at San Gimignano. We ate the World's best gelato. It was probably the best that I have ever had.

I will hopefully will write more next week!!!

Sorella Jameson

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