Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Conference and babies

WOW! It has been CRAZY these last few days!! I had to stay up in Milano all Thursday and Friday due to transfers and Consiglio with our Presidente. We didn't get back until Friday night (with out Sorella Bennett's luggage) So she borrowed my clothes until Monday. :) Then we had General Conference. Not much missionary work got done but Sorella Bennett and I tried our best to find and teach people during the days of travel. :)

YES!!!! We are together again!!!! It has been so much fun and so surreal too. We have both grown up so much but still know how to have fun. :) Also I got to see Sorella Stephens AND Sorella Andromidas during what is called Transfer circle. AHHHHH I was talking to Sorella Stephens when someone grabbed me and whirled me around. It was Sorella Andromidas. I SCREAMED and just held onto her. We couldn't go away from one another. It was like we were glued together.

This past week has been a little crazy due to lost time in Milano and time spent for conference but we still saw many miracles. On of our biggest miracles was with our simpatizzante B. He is a father of a family that our member referred to us and is amazing. On Saturday, he came to General Conference with Michael (the member) here in church. Right after the session, he said, "I need to get a testimony of this book." He was holding the Book of Mormon. AMEN!! We later had a lesson with him to follow-up. As we were teaching, I felt impressed to speak extremely simple and clear words. "B," I said, "there is only One God. This means He has only One church. THIS is the One and only church that will bring you back to him." He laughed and asked if I said those words because I believed them or because it was my church. We bore strong testimony that it was true. I would not have given up 18 months of my life and spend thousands of dollars if it were not true. He smiled and told us that our words touched him. He has committed to REALLY pray to know the truth and to understand the Book of Mormon.

ALSO, Friday morning we received a call from M, our pregnant simp. She said "Please! The baby is coming! Can you find someone for me?" I frantically called everyone who lived in Pisa to ask for a ride. It was 7 am. I finally called the president of the branch who told me to wait while he got ready. I was running around in the apartment in Milano, helpless to do anything. In the end, her sister picked her up. Now we have a sweet baby girl who sleeps while we teach M. I must take a picture next time.

My favorite conference talks were many but I loved the one by Zwick, Uchtdorf, Ballard, and Bednar of course. :) I am so grateful for the chance that we have to hear from living prophets today. The world is getting a little scary right now but we can have peace and safety through our Savior.


Sorella Jameson

PS: We made a Sunday dinner for conference. It was good.

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