Wednesday, February 19, 2014

HAPPINESS. It is real.

MAMMA MIA! This past week went SOOOO fast! No... this past TRANSFER! Sorella Stewart and I are staying together again in Pisa! YAY!!!! We are both super excited about that. Really... we have soooo much fun together and we are starting to do a great work here in Pisa. It is changing soooo much. Especially with some of the meni attivi. Towards the end of the week, we were freaking out a little bit, both worried to be separated. She will be the first companion that I "kill" on the mission (aka send home) It will be interesting. And sad. Also, we are both SOOOO tired. Everyday is harder and harder to wake up.

One of best moments of member work happened last giovedi as we went to visit one of our progressing investigators. We had called a member of the branch who had originally met this simpatizzante, M. Michael (the member) met up with us and came to the appointment only to discover that M was not there. Her roommate, however, was at home. We asked if we could at least come in and share a 5 minute message with her, to which she refused. Several times. Finally Michael, in his amazing African dialect, began talking to S (the roommate) and she finally let us inside. The atmospher softened as they began speaking of the beauties of their native home and as Michael bore his personal testimony of the Book of Mormon. There would be no way that S would have let us inside if Michael wasn't there with us. Member missionary work is sooooo important!

This past week we have had some time to do finding. I LOVE doing door to door finding. We have two very different experiences as we worked. On Sunday, we had a very angry man screaming at us to leave after Sorella Stewart said we wanted to talk about Jesus Christ. This made me very sad. (My mission depression comes as people stop meeting with us and when people throw away this chance to talk to us.) Yesterday was an entirely different experience. We did finding for 2 hours in seguito and almost everyone was soooo kind! An old man even gave us some little violets to hold onto. Through out all of this, we have found more faith in Jesus Christ as we are either denied or spit upon.

HAPPINESS. It is real. This is what our message contains and what we preach about. I love the last verse found in Alma 33, when Alma invites us to come and experiment on the word so we can have JOY.

I love you!!! Thank you for all that you do for me!

Sorella Jameson
Giant ice growing in our fridge.... oops.

 Firenze duomo

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