Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ask in Faith

I LOVE PISA!!!! I love Sorella Stewart. I love being a missionary.

First I must start off with a VERY funny story. When I first arrived here in Pisa, Sorella Stewart begged me to get a new bike. Why? Because the one that Sorella Mancuso had was awful. It looked like it was a mountain bike for a 12 year old boy. Well... it was. Luckily I only had to ride it once to the bike shop to buy a NEW beautiful bike. Because I am Sorella Jameson, I tend to have the best luck with these things. Meaning that my brakes totally gave out after 2 weeks with this new bike. So I took it to get the brake fixed. YAY! When I was riding afterwards, the bike was SUPER hard to pedal. So we took it back. It was still hard to pedal. Finally our amazing Anziani discovered that the wheel was not on tight or properly. So the next morning I fixed it. It worked perfectly. Here in the best part... as we were riding to the train station later that night, my back tire blew out. That is right. So within 24 hours, my bike has had to go through a LOT. And I only had it for 13 days. It is working perfectly now. Meno male. Life is so funny.

This past week has been full of miracles and personal growth. We have recently been finding many new simpatizzanti (most of them are falling through after the first lesson but at least we have a bigger selection). Last week we had the opportunity to visit a part member family to have a family home evening. The family Gori is made up of a very strong and faithful return missionary mother with a husband who is not a member but comes to church with her every Sunday. Their daughter is also active in the primary. :) The family started and N. G. (the husband) was not very open due to his timidness. By the end of the evening, he was laughing and joking with us. We have a return apointment this weekend. This past Monday we also found 2 new simpatizzanti through casa casa. It was actually a very edifying experience because I felt all day that we needed to be out doing finding work. (Instead of going to visit other simpatizzanti or members) It was what God wanted us to do.

Last week we had a scambio with Firenze - Sorella Strong and I found a Nigerian woman and asked to come and visit her. So Sorella Stewart and I stopped by on Saturday. Her name is Mercy and she has been looking for the church that will bring her closest to God. She mentioned how she is studying with the Testimony di Geova because it is the closest thing but that she is not convinced. We invited her to be baptized when she knew of the truth and she said yes. :)

A little update about Tuscany.... It is a little bit hard to be quite honest but it is also so very special. Each area of the mission has it's reputation and here is the reputation of hard work. I love it. The people here either believe in God or they don't - most of them shut down when we mention Gesù Cristo. When religion is not involved, they are some of the most friendly and loving people ever. The other day we were riding a bus to visit a family in the ward. I distinctly remember feeling that I should talk about other things with the people instead of just "Do you believe in Jesus Christ?" We asked if they could help us. Not just 2 people helped us but about 6. They talked to the bus driver who let us off early so we didn't have to walk very far either. They are SOOOOOO kind and loving. We were able to share English Class invited with them as well. I love Italy and I love serving here in Tuscany.

I just wanted to share my testimony on the POWER of prayer. It works.  I want to invite you to prayer more throughout the day in all things. God loves us. Please read the following devotional on prayer: Ask in Faith


Sorella Jameson
I took a picture of all the people trying to hold up the leaning tower! ;)

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