Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How can we NOT share the gospel with others?

I AM IN PISA!!!!! It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL city that is full of grumpy people who don't want to hear the gospel but... it is still fantastic!!! I am in the FLORENCE zone!!! WOOT!!!! Sorella Stewart has already planned on taking me to Florence and other places so I can see and play. Today is our day of rest however. I am tiiiiiiiired!

The tower here is REAL!!! When I first saw it I just gasped! It looks sooooo fake! And it literally leans. Like... it leans more in real life than in the pictures! I don't have a picture yet because I haven't had time to snap one. :) SORRY! The branch here is really amazing too - they have their own building. This building is the first built in italia too! There are several American families who are here as well because there is an American Military base close by. It was a little bit of a culture shock to be with Americans again. hahaha

I am with Sorella Stewart and she is just amazing!! It is a little weird to be with someone who knows what they are doing more than I do - after being a trainer for most of my mission. It is also refreshing being with someone who is older than I am as well (it makes me remember that I still need to mature a little bit) Sorella Stewart is soooo hard working and is 100% conscecrated. She does what she does well because she understands the gospel and has a love for God. I know that I will learn a lot about responsibility with her (especially about being on time to things....) She only has 2 transfers left on her mission so it is likely that I will be her last companion. YES! I am soooo excited to work with her!

We have spent many long hours doing finding work but along the way we have witnessed the small miracles that are around us. One of these occured on Sunday evening while we were doing some casa casa in an area called CEP. Even though everyone was declining our offer, we still asked all for referrals of anyone that they knew who would have interest. One of the people who we asked directed us to a "ragazza who lived in the back over there." It appeared that there were no more houses "back over there" but Sorella Stewart suggested that we try to take a look anyway. There were some more houses in the back along with a colony of cats that began to follow us.  As we tried to follow the Spirit and the cats, we were eventually led to a house with a woman who warmingly allowed us to come in (along with the cats). Her name is M and is from Brazil. She was sharing her opinion of the apostasy and was more than willing to listen to our message of the Restoration. We have a return apointment with her on Sunday. Tender Mercies of the Lord.

Final thought... as we have been going around meeting many people each day, trying to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have noticed many interesting things. One of which goes along with the conversion that we have within us to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I had asked a woman, who claimed to be very religious and practicing, if she knew of anyone who had need of being happier or who needed to learn of Jesus Christ. She responded, saying that she might know someone but that their names were not coming to mind. I offered her our contact information on a pass along card, asking her is she could give it to her friend that might be in need. Immediately she declined, explaining that she couldn't be given that responsibility to share that with others. My heart sunk a little bit when she said that. WE have the happiness and joy that the world is missing. When we actually think about it, how can we NOT share the gospel with others? The knowledge that God exists? The comfort to know that He loves us and listens to our prayers? It made me ponder how much we truly love and understand God. Is it enough to carry the responsibility to SHARE it with others or is it only abbastanza to be faithful and go to church every week.

I know that God does indeed love us. Ecco why I am serving a mission for Him. We can have peace and happiness through Him. We can help others experience this as well.


Sorella Jameson
Saying goodbye to A & L

Sorella Stewart!

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