Thursday, August 29, 2013

Working with members

Oh my gosh!!!!! I absolutely LOVED the story of daddy and Jarom seeing each other in the airport!!! (Jarom flew to Japan on Monday but his flight was delayed. His new flight had him fly out the exact same time as his Dad. Their gates were A3 and A4. It was indeed a beautiful tender mercy! For the complete story, visit Jarom's blog. A link is on the left side of this page.)

As for my time left here in Genova... I really do feel like it is coming to a close. I would LOVE to stay here one more transfer with Sorella Lemos. So many things are happening with our ward, our simpatizzanti, and our members. Also the weather has been soooo beautiful lately, I am falling in love with Genova again. Time will time.

This past week we had amazing opportunities to work with the leaders in our church. We have amazing members and amazing leaders that are here to help us and the help the ward. On Saturday we went to the Bishops house up the mountains (where there are single houses instead of apartments) and we brought M to his request.

M and Codi
We felt a little nervous about going because of some training that we received (soon to be explained in a letter) but it ended up being an INCREDIBLE experience. M felt totally loved by the Bishop and his family and the trip out of Genova city was absolutely refreshing for all of us.

We had a tender and  beautiful miracle Domenica sera with one of our members. We received a text message from her, asking if we would like a ride to go visit another member in the hospital due to pregnancy issues. It was a wonderful experience for us to work together in the service of the Lord for another sorella. By the end of the visit, we all felt edified and strengthened. We sent Sorella Deborah Polinelli, the member who came with us, a text message of our gratitude and thanks for all she does to help us and the members in the ward. She then sent us a text thanking us for our work as well and for the opportunity to serve together. It is amazing to work with members, especially since they are so willing and ready to take the opportunity to help those around them. :)

Allora, I hope you enjoy the pictures!!! There are a LOT more to send. :) I love you sooooo much!!! Thank you so much for the support and the love. It has been amazing to see the blessing of in our family while Jarom and I have been out serving the Lord. This is one of the comforting blessings we as missionaries are promised while we are away from our families. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity mama!


Sorella Jameson

Look how happy she is to receive a stuffed envelope from home!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT!!!! I was actually looking at my mint stock and saw that there were only 2 left last Monday. My heart was very sad to see this and thought about when I could have more. God does answer prayers! :)

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