Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So many beautiful miracles

This week has been one of our off weeks but we have still been able to see so many beautiful miracles. For a start, we found 6 new investigators! 6!!!!! At the same time we have been receiving un saco di bedoni (cancelled lessons). We are all trying to work on being better missionaries because we know we will receive blessings according to our faith and obedience.

We were doing some phone finding the other day and stumbled upon number for a N. So we gave her a call and asked if we could visit her on Sunday. As we met up with her, we found out that she was from Nigeria and had not really had any lessons before, just meetings from the missionaries. We walked into her house and found a beautiful family, all sitting in the living room watching the Bible episodes from History channel. WHAT?! How beautiful is that? As we began explaining the Restoration, particularly Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, her Husband, E, stopped to ask us questions. He began asking us how the Book Of Mormon and Bible relate,why it is important, and how he can know. In the end, he explained that he really wanted to know the truth when the other missionaries came but they never came back and how he wants to study this out to know for himself. He also said "I also have the same questions that Joseph Smith had - how can I get salvation? If you have the answer I want to know." It was such a beautiful and SPIRITUAL experience. As Sorella Brown was testifying of the Book Of Mormon, I felt my own testimony burning within me. If I had any doubts, they would have been smashed by her testimony.

Early that day the Son and daughter in law of the Jefferies came to church and I had the opportunity to translate for them. OH it was sooooooo amazing!!!! I felt as if I was the one bearing my testimony while I spoke for the speakers. It also made me realize just how much I am able to understand and comprehend with Italian. Another HUGE blessing to working with Sorella Lemos. :)

Last night we had a lesson with a very faithful and very observant man from Africa, named R.We have been struggling to get him to really commit to things but he has enough faith to move mountains. Earlier that day I had studied for and prepared another lesson for other simpatizzanti but saw the scripture references flash in my mind in the middle of the lesson. We read James 2:17-26 with him (faith without works is dead) and then brought it together with 3 Nephi 27:19-21 (the gospel of Jesus Christ). It struck home to him. Before he had always said to be saved you need faith and the word of God. This is true. But you also need these works. We set a baptismal date with him for the 19th of October. :)

One of the biggest lessons I have learned this week is the Holy Ghost. This Spirit is here as a guide, a comfort, a help,and a witness of Christ. We need to humble ourselves, slow down, ponder, and open our hearts to the promptings that he whispers.

Vi voglio bene!!!
Sorella Jameson

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