Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You bring so much peace and joy into my life

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Oh it is just soooooooooooo beautiful!!!

We have had amazing miracles with one of our simpatizzanti - si chiama J. She is from Africa and has a baptismal date for later this month - she was a referral from her husband who we found two transfers ago on the sidewalk (P). We decided to pass-by J last Thursday to say hello and set up another appointment to visit her. After speaking, we offered our service to help her clean her home, which we did the following morning for 3 hours (and it was only the kitchen hahaha). It was such a beautiful opportunity to serve her while we got to know her even better. She has had such a difficult life and yet she is still so faithful, so kind, and so loving. By the time we left, her heart was soft and more open to us. A few days later we visited J to teach her a lesson and do some more service. She told us that she talked on the phone with one of her dear friends who was a member of our church, G (the miracle we had the week before with the meno attiva!) When she told us that she had talked to this Meno Attiva, we were so worried that bad things were said. G only said the most beautiful things about the church and J encouraged her to come back to church with her on Sunday. They were basically doing missionary work for each other!! J told us to visit her and try to convince her to come to church this weekend with her. It was such a tender miracle! When we visited her yesterday, she prayed, giving thanks to Heavenly Father for bringing us into her life. J said, "When I see you outside the window I am filled immediately with JOY and happiness. You bring so much peace and joy into my life." We promised her that this is something that she can keep with her through the gift of the Holy Ghost after her baptism. :) AHHH I love her soooo much!

And a random, fun little side note - we saw Anziano Gibbons on Sunday (remember him? He was with me in Genova for the whole 6 months) He told me my Italiano has gotten SOOO much better! It really surprised me. :) Oh how I love to speak Italiano.

Another really fast and funny story - we often go to do missionary work with our amazing side kick A. He is absolutely hilarious and a wonderful member of the ward. We had taught for a short time a very, VERY Italian woman si chiama L. Oh mamma mia... she is just a SPIT fire! Kind of like Grandma but MORE because she is not Mormon and she is Italian. A just LOVES her! He is normally a quiet person but when he was with her, this fiery side comes out and he just gets so Italiano. We went to go visit her and it was just one of the funnest lessons I think I have ever been in. She has invited us over for Christmas Eve to teach us how to make Mascarpone. (Sorry.. not a super great story but just really funny)

Vi voglio bene!!

Sorella Jameson

PIC: Ravenna oggi :)

PS: I absolutely LOVE my companion with all my heart!

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