Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

What a blessing it was to see and visit with our beautiful Sorella today. We laughed and cried. Pictures will be posted soon.

She has a beautiful request: I want to invite all to take time to remember this beautiful Christmas season to ponder about the gift that He has given to us. How have you felt the Love of the Savior Jesus Christ in your life? Please visit the following link:

O Come, Emmanuel

And a very short update: This miracle was so sweet and so full of relief. Our baptismal date J had told his mom that he was too afraid to inform us that he was not ready for baptism this upcoming Saturday. I had spoken to his mother and she explained that she wished to study the scriptures with him more and try for a baptism in April or March. We had studied and prayed for days to know what to do and what to say the next time we would see him. This past Sunday he had asked to talk to us after church, so we met with him and he immediately began to talk about the baptism. He explained that he wanted to be baptized as soon as possible but that he felt he needed to learn a little more. He also explained that he wished to be baptized no later than the end of the month of January. It was such a relief and such a blessing to see how eager he still was for baptism. When we asked what we could do to help him prepare, he asked us to explain and help him understand the book of mormon. :) We will continue helping him and hopefully see a baptism soon here in Forli. :)

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