Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The feeling of doing something better with the Lord's time

Holy hannah it is COLD!!!! I thought I knew what cold was but I guess I did not take into consideration how it would be even colder being out all day on a bike. That is the rough part. When I breathe in, it hurts my lungs. Here is the best part... it isn't even THAT cold yet. :) But it helps with the desire of not wanting to eat any gelato. :)

As for transfer news, I am staying here in Forlì with my sweet baby. :) Oh how I was soooooo happy when I didn't receive any phone calls on Monday. I was a little stressed out at the thought of being transfered. I just love this place way too much and I LOVE my companion. We just laugh all the time and try to work really hard. :) AND now I will be here for Christmas. :)

THANKSGIVING: Dinner with L e A tomorrow with the Jefferies. WOOT!

Sorella Andromidas and I have another beautiful transfer together in Forlì!!! We are so very excited for the next few weeks to continue the work here and to love our simpatizzanti! When we didn't receive a phone call on Monday night (the normal time when are called to translocate), L (one of the most special people here in Forlì and simp) said "Dio esiste!" It was so funny! Several other simpatizzanti commented on how happy they were that we would remain together. It is amazing how you don't realize how much of an impact you make until it is time to go. 

We had a blitz in Rimini, the birthplace of my trainer Sorella Gomez. It has always been my dream to serve there but when I knew I was going to Forlì, I realized that it was going to be impossible to serve there. Doing a blitz was a  dream come true!! We went with the Sister Training Leaders, both of whom I love dearly! It was just a wonderful weekend to work with these amazing sisters and to be in that beautiful city. We later had a cultural activity Saturday evening down in Rimini and hoped to have L come down to see it. She could not come unfortunately. Once I realized that we would be in Rimini without any simpatizzanti, at this fun and wonderful activity, I couldn't shake the feeling that we needed to leave. The lines of Good, Better, Best continued to run through my head. I said a little prayer in my heart to know what to do and felt a "well, you could stay here. There is work you can do at this activity. It will be fine if you stay. BUT... you know there is something better that you can do." So Sorella Andromidas and I packed up and headed home to Forlì. The District President stopped us and asked if there was any way that we could stay but we said no, that there was work to do in Forlì. We later went to L's home and had an extremely spiritual and meaningful lesson that was meant to be had. The feeling of doing something better with the Lord's time was something so satisfying. 

Work has been moving forward with one of our newest investigators, J, the son of a meno attivo. He is so elect and ready to accept the gospel. Last week we set a baptismal date with him for the 7th of December, which he quickly accepted. (At this point, we need to work things out with his mother and might push back the date to the 21st of December) Yesterday we had a beautiful lesson with him at a members home and with the Young Men's President. We all watched the Restoration film together. Mamma mia, the spirit was incredibly strong and so beautiful. At the end of the film, we asked him how he felt, what he thought, etc. He was absolutely speachless for a few minutes just shaking his head. Then he responded saying that he had doubted us when we first gave the first lesson of the restoration but he said "God is telling me in my heart that this is true. It's true." It was such a beautiful and special lesson. :) The work continues to move forward in Forlì. :)

To finish, I just wanted to share my thoughts about Alma 18. Sorella Andromidas and I have been very perplexed as we read about Alma going around, baptizing people. He even immersed himself under the water when he baptized Helam. We asked "Where did he get that authority? How could he baptize himself?" These were not questions about salvation but rather questions of curiosity. Meno male we have an institute manual that addresses this very concern. Joseph F. Smith stated that Alma did indeed HAVE the authority. Maybe he received it before he became corrupted by Noah or if he received it afterwards. The dunking is not of him baptizing himself but rather a symbol of humility and repentance. :) I am so grateful for the revelation that we can receive from modern day prophets to clear up any confusion. 

Thank you for your love and support as always. 


Sorella Jameson

San Marino!!!

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