Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So many beautiful miracles

Every P-day I really have to think very hard about WHAT actually happened the week before. Days fly by so fast when you look back at them (during the day it feels long) As always, I just love doing this work. Saturday there was a baptism in our branch for a little girl named R. Her mother was less active and had some difficult trials that kept her from coming to church. This sister has made a complete turn around - she loves coming to church and even calls to offer help with teaching some of our African investigators. She invited sooooo many people to her baptism and there was such a beautiful spirit there with all these loved ones. It was such a wonderful way to contact her friends and share the gospel. We also did a musical number with A, our unofficial third member of the companionship (he is ALWAYS more than willing to come to lessons with us and help us with anything that we ask for. His father is also the Ward Mission Leader and is incredible.)

We have had so many beautiful miracles, especially since we have been trying to become more full tithe payers (the difference from being a part time or full time tithe payer - doing and giving are 100% all to the Lord) within our missionary work. We have been working hard but realized that there is always MORE that we can do for the work of the Lord. Last week we put into action all of the things that we had learned with Anziano Texiera. As a result, we gained 3 new simpatizzanti within the the first two doors that we had knocked on last Tuesday. We have since knocked many more doors, talked to many more people and been rejected by many of them but we KNOW that we have work to complete. :)

So I thought it might be good to describe some of the people that we work with so that you can know them better. If you recall, we met this AMAZING man name P last transfer. He is so elect and so ready to accept the gospel. When we teach him, he always asks many questions to understand and reads every pamphlet that we leave with him. Paul accepted the baptismal invitation that we extended to him and almost accepted the baptismal date., Every lesson that we have taught has brought the spirit so powerfully. He asked us to please pray for him and help him to understand baptism more - why he must be baptized again. He is so kind and wonderful. When we teach him, I can literally feel the love of God just BURSTING through my heart. GAH!!!!

To end, I would like to end with a funny story. We have rules on a mission, yes? Many rules that I have learned to love and follow them, even when I may not understand them. The rules to wake up on time have never been an issue. EVER. Yesterday (after dropping then phone the night before and then resetting it incorrectly due to the fast it is on military time and that I still don't understand it) we woke up at 7:30 instead of 6:30. Accidentally. I felt TERRIBLE. Sorella Andromidas came into the room and told me  "Okay... don't freak out but it is 7:40" (I had been praying before then) I didn't believe her because the cell phone said it was 6:40. When it finally sunk in what had happened I felt completely awful. I immediately started to prayer and ask for forgiveness. Even though I felt like my day was ruined for sinning in ignorance, it brought a little joy to know I cared so much about being obedient.

I love you so much mama!!!! Thank you for all that you do! I can't wait to talk to you next month. Let's start making a list of things we must discuss okay?

Vi voglio bene!!!

Sorella Jameson
My BEAUTIFUL baby girl

Mosaics of Ravenna

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